God in a Nutshell

Welcome to the Spiritual Desert

Part II of III

God in a Nutshell may challenge some traditional, spiritual & scientific dogmas.

As a side effect, some of it may actually be right.

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GOD in a NUTSHELL (letter 2)

To understand a Way Out, we have no choice but to understand where we are "NOW." Let me introduce you to the "spiritual ghetto," the dark end of eternity's street. This is simply the world you and I were born into, the "testing ground." Perhaps the place the Programmer sorts out the parts He would like to keep most. It was at our conception that we made the CHOICE that our Maker has tried to undo with incredible care, patience and self-sacrifice. You see, it was the first of our kind that invited in the virus that is this present darkness; turning our cradle into this quarantine. What greater love could a Father have than to allow His own cancer so that His children could have The Choice?

hus, we live in the place God is not. The program, once perfect, is now infected. It is a hollow shell, dying a piece at a time, where the Creator once was. Most things here will never escape. Worse still, there comes an hour on the horizon when this hollow cancer, and everything confined inside of it, will be herded into an even smaller cage. In that cage, those who were not pulled from this place by connection to their Creator will be as spiritual infants in the unfriendly claws of ancient things; pleasure puppets for condemned beasts. Make no mistake, you have been born into a very hostile and dangerous place.

Alone, we are nothing. Yet, in connection with our Father, we are backed by the POWER of EVERYTHING.

That is our purpose here. We are not meant to be slaves, but sons (daughters). We are in this system, but we are not of it. Your soul is like a portal that wants to connect to the place it calls home. The mechanics of the soul are such an amazingly awesome thing. The details of why you are able to connect with God; and, greater still, what you really are? The Real You. However, it is sufficient for now that you simply understand that you are not a ghost, goblin or magical wind. You are eternal. Eternity is your birthright. Trust me, you are much, much more than you appear.
Please Note: God is not a magical orb or a "Power Within" idea. The image beneath is simply a representation of power that is beyond rendering or comprehension.

But, you, I and everyone "living" is bound to this dying place and its broken systems in our biological bodies. Thus, your soul and your flesh are both struggling to go two diametrically different directions. And, the system here is what I mean when I say "negative energy." It is a separated (quarantined) system. It is a system under the control of the great prince nothing and those with him whose time of CHOICE has passed. While unconnected and in this flesh, we are all under the thumb of the things we cannot see.

So, it is on three powerful levels that vital human connections to the Creator are prevented from forming, "birthing," in this place. First, is your own flesh; your body is fighting YOU to stay in harmony with the dark system. Second, is the world around; this is basically the dark system's collection of network resources. Finally, is the dark system itself; it would prefer that you did not even believe it exists. But, even as strong as all this sounds, it is far from an iron fist. To the contrary, you circumventing all of its security measures to connect with the Father is what frightens it most. The darkness is fragile, it is weak, and it will become more vicious as its end draws near.

The system of the great prince nothing, the world around and even our own flesh can be compared to a bicycle going downhill that can and will gain speed until such point that it reaches a velocity, that without outside intervention, will ultimately meet with disaster of one form or another. This is the default setting. The automated direction that mankind blindly moves when the Light of the Maker of all that is, was, or remains to come, and the indwelling connection to the Creator Himself, are willfully, or even subconsciously, cast aside in the great pursuit of the sin which may indeed summarize all sin: Self-will.

Self-will is our childish right to loudly declare, "God, I'll call you when and if I need you, but right now, I just need to get a few things done for myself. I just need to get more money. I just need to get a house. I just need to get a bigger house. I just need to get another car. I just need to do whatever I need to do to make me feel good in the moment that matters most; the moment we have all come to know as the right "NOW." It is the "NOW" that determines everything. We are never in the past; nor, are we ever in the future. No matter when it is, we are always standing on the most crucial determining point, the "NOW."

There are two prominent mechanisms that are successfully controlling most of mankind; like efficient programs to keep us running in meaningless little circles, never even making it beyond our own skin. You can tell which program has the person next to you bound by simply listening to which story they have to tell.

One: a very prideful story of what self perceived wonders they have done, even if such self proclaimed wonders are crimes committed against the world around. These are tales of self-gratification, greed, self-will, self-importance and the desperate ego driven need to "get ahead" even at the expense of others. People whose every other word is: me, I, or mine.

They are the gluttons, the great garbage collectors of life, collecting everything they can as fast as they can and clutching on to it with tightened fists and a grand fear to ever lose a single thing. They are exact opposites of the Christ mentality. They are violators of one of the single most important laws that governs the very fabric of the universe itself, whether you believe in God or do not. They do not understand the simplest of simple rules: That you must give to receive, and, that the very purpose of "getting" is that you may have something to give away.

They are exactly like I have been, inlets without an outlet; a contradiction to the very flow of life itself. They scramble to desperately amass anything that is within arm's reach, building fortresses around themselves as barriers of tight protection from the outside world, only to find that the great enemy for which they feared all the while was within.

Then, there is personality type Two: It is the "focuser" on the problems, the troubles, the rocky path, the fanged animals and the perils that always lay on the road ahead. These are the ones who bow in the temple of this present darkness to their own self-pity. They moan and groan... scream, whine and beg. In their world everything is always falling apart. It is this crisis followed by the next; like sheep crying for the wolves to find them.

"Are those the governing traits of us all?" I have thought to myself; the glutton to the groaner and all subtle levels of insecurity that lie in-between. And, when it boils right down to it, both these are actually just outward expressions of mankind's single most prevalent driving force, Fear.

In the grandness of all the stars, the solar systems, the world within worlds, the great beyond and all that which this feeble human mind would shutter to understand, we are such a speck; a tiny, tiny speck. We, and when I say we, I really mean I, have fancied ourselves as little kings, self-important, self-proclaimed gods to which all should bow to recognize our trite conquests, trials, problems and achievements. It is like a drop of water telling the ocean how important it is.

Perhaps a grand statement to thoughts of David as he wrote to God, "Who is man that you are mindful of him?"

Which brings us full circle to the great question of The Way Out and which way we go with our bicycle on the hill? Do we allow ourselves to be consumed by the natural state of this flesh? Do we accept the fear and grip it tight as we plummet to the deepest regions of abyss? Or, do we go against the mechanics of this place, this great big finely crafted Swiss watch with all its delicate gears working in harmony until both hands hit zero. The moment when all illusion stops.

Perhaps that is the moment that we find ourselves, "absent from the flesh and present with the Spirit." The moment I have come to understand that our ability to that thing called "Choice" is gone. The moment that this all consuming thing we have called "the NOW" becomes past; and, the infinite and unimaginable becomes "Present."

So, What is the Choice? You ask.

To continue reading about the "Choice," click here for page 3, God, devils & man. NOT AVAILABLE YET.

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