Your human body is a wondrous piece of biological hardware through which your currently bound soul can connect with the Maker Himself. What I am saying is this: You were designed to know God. You were designed to co-author eternity. You were designed to import the power of your Maker, your Creator, your Father, into this dark place. But, to understand that, you must first understand this: You are not your flesh. You are not your toes, or your ears, or your eyes, or even your brain. All of these are just parts that work for a time and are destined to fail. So, when you talk about the human body, you are really talking about the current packaging of a life that will last forever. If you are connected to the Father, the Creator, the Source, then indeed, when this life ends, not only will you be exactly who you were, but you may also find that you have been upgraded.

Yet, before I make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, let me assure you; there are significant and very powerful forces working to MORE

The God in a Nutshell Project is very close to my heart. It began as merely one letter I had written during some of the roughest times during my run from the TV Pastor Mike Murdock. That letter --- now called Letter One --- was truly me crying out: "Who is God! And where is He!"

The material has a curious appeal, particularly to intellectuals and those seeking answers to what is just beyond human reach. God in a Nutshell is spiritual, attentive to history (ancient cultures), scientific in approach, and expresses questions that mankind has asked since our earliest beginnings. Let me be clear about this: I (Trey Smith) am NOT a pastor, religious authority, or spiritual guru of any kind. To the contrary, I am merely a man searching for more details to three questions I find very important: Who are we? Where did we come from? What happens next? Those three questions are the God in a Nutshell Project.

"If you feel as I do, that those three seemigly simple questions are worthy of our attention, then you are welcome to join me on a journey of mankind's grandest exploration. The project grows." ---------Trey Smith

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