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“ק” The Day of Reckoning the Q

God in a Nutshell

This documentary is roughly two (2) hours long and covers what appears to be a literal war on your freedoms in the United States. 

“ק” The Day of Reckoning the Q is a full length documentary which goes hand-in-hand with “Edge of Prophecy” by Trey Smith

Q the Day of Reckoning

Edge of Prophecy

The Edge of Prophecy can be found and immediately streamed by becoming a “Partner” of God in a Nutshell.

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In this video, we break down the letter “Q” in Hebrew which is the (ק) “Qof” in Israel. Additionally, we look at these letters “Qof” (ק), Resh (רֵישׁ), and Zayin (ז) as they relate Torah Mysteries and Torah Secrets.