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2030 Agenda Part One: Technocracy, Climate Catastrophe, and the Singularity

Author: Zebulon Rogers

The Singularity. Mars colonization. Looming climate catastrophe.

What do these things and more have in common?

The year 2030AD.  From President Barack Obama’s Mars mandate to Michio Kaku’s writings on man merging with machine, high-profile personalities from all over the world have been touting the year as the time of the vaunted “Singularity”, when our technological lifestyles diverge from our current paradigm to such a degree that our routines and priorities will bear little resemblance to what came before. From automated homes that will detect our moods to cybernetic enhancements to the flesh (and even toilets that give medical diagnoses), the age of the “kitchen of the future” seems to be materializing at a rapid pace.

Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? The foremost “televangelical” scientists believe it to be quite true. But why are all these scenarios connected to the same year? Why do we need to be on Mars by 2030? How do we know that weather phenomena will be at its most destructive? And why, if all these atmospheric conditions are set to devastate large portions of the earth, do we need homes that are hardwired to play music based on our mood?

The answers are more than meets the eye. In this series, we will explore questions in-depth concerning the political, social, and prophetic ramifications taking shape.

The Coming Technocracy

Debbie Bacigalupi, Ambassador and Senior Editor of Technocracy News, stated on a recent edition of The Hagmann Report that the end goal of such technological advancement is not to foster a stronger society, but rather to crush humanity’s freedoms in favor of an Orwellian society, where even our thoughts are monitored for ideas deemed hostile by AI surveillance on your conscious stream. But how could one monitor our very thoughts?

It was Ray Kurzweil who stated that by 2030 humans will become cybernetic hybrids, possessed of brains that will be connected to the Cloud along with thousands of computers, according to a 2015 article at CNN Money. Revelation 13 now takes on a new vibe. The buying and selling of goods via neurological interfaces with computers will be possible by thought alone. And if we can send thoughts one way, they can be received in return. In other words, we will be possessed of fully hackable and fully editable minds. The technological ascension of man is being revealed before our eyes.

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Climate Fearmongering

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius made his famous panic-ridden prediction last year that, beginning in May of 2015, we had only 500 days left to prevent “climate catastrophe.” Environmentalist scare tactics have become a go-to weapon for globalists to push through despotic political measures disguised as planet-saving protocols. This brings us to Agenda 21, a far reaching UN resolution that threatens land ownership, race relations, and many other freedoms with a globalist dominion riding on the overstated platform of climate change. It could almost be dismissed as conspiracy hypothesis if the UN didn’t have a phonebook-length copy available here.

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The one-world government is ready to go at the turn of the screw, but it needs a believable problem to get (or force) the world to unite. As Gary Kah explains in his book En Route to Global Occupation, “I believe that insiders will initiate a world crisis only if they feel it is necessary to get the public to accept their New World Order. The mere threat of a major world conflict could be enough to scare the public into accepting such a change – especially when coupled with the existing problems of world hunger and global debt, and the created panic over the environment. As their campaign slogan openly proclaims, “Global Problems Demand Global Solutions!” Every climate disaster predicted by the alarmists has failed to come to pass. Will 2030 be the year we see 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 occuring? Will this signal the beginning of the strong delusion warned of in 2 Thessalonians 2:11? Or will it be “visitors” from another world that push marks the occasion?

The Mars Obsession

Indeed it begs the question: Why, even with all these new and wonderful technologies and environmental protocols to both sustain and suppress the populace under globalist rule, would the elites want to place us on Mars in the very same year? 2030 has been set as the milestone year for cybernetic hybridism, technological singularity, and fearful climate disasters demanding resolutions today. The answer? You and I won’t be the ones going.

In his seminal work Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars, which explores the historical significance of the red planet and its connection to the ancient mystery religions, author David Flynn explains that “The ancient mystery religions also preserved a legend: When heaven and earth joined together, gods descended to earth…The gods existed from the formation of the solar system and traveled between its worlds. Their planetary civilization was unparalleled, their edifices and cities were magnificent. Then, at some point in the dim past the realm of the gods was destroyed by a horrific cataclysm.”

Could it be that the satanic elite are striving toward Mars to rediscover what they believe to be their true origins?  Are they trying to escape earth before the judgement comes? Are they acting at the behest of the fallen Watchers, who wish to inherit the earth in place of God’s chosen? With panspermia becoming the go-to theory for explaining the emergence of life on earth, these questions could hold the answers. Couple this with the technological onset of instant telepathic unity via the Cloud, we could be seeing the beginnings of an off-planet center of rulership issuing its command between Earth and Mars.

What Does the Future Hold?

It is these ideas and more we will be fully discussing in the weeks and months to come from the perspective of Bible prophecy, and hopefully shed a new light on why our future has been so conspicuously planned on our behalf. We’ve barely covered the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned.