$500,000 Victory for Scientist on Young Age of Dinosaurs


Dinosaur Soft Tissue: Mark Armitage — scientist fired for releasing dinosaur soft tissue data on a Triceratops (then later many other types of dinosaur as well), took a victory of $500,000.00 from California University. 

Confirmed by Trey Smith w/ Armitage on 10/11/2016

Dino Tissue

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nvited to take part in a summer dig, Mark Armitage uncovered the largest Triceratops horns found in Hell Creek. Upon conducting a microscopic examination, fossilized bone and layers of flexible soft tissue were revealed, then carefully thin-sectioned by Armitage to preclude the assumption of “biofilm.”

Mark Armitage: Jurassic Dino DocumentaryThe University chose the particular time: 2 weeks after his work was accepted for publishing in the 2013 Japanese journal “Acta Histochemica,” to cite a budget crisis, and the “temporary” status of his employment, firing him. Escalation toward termination involved Dr. Ernie Kwok, a Biologist at the university vehemently confronting Armitage after learning one of his students conversed with him about the discovery. Kwok issued a veiled threat based on the establishment’s intolerance of the creation explanation.

Note they already knew about the 2 degrees held by Armitage from Liberty University and The Institute For Creation Research when he was hired. Kwok opportunistically took a position in an advisory meeting with the committee to recommend eliminating the University position, itself. The claim of low funding stands in the face of their volunteered 6-figure settlement made to seem like a high-road brush off to avoid a lengthy trial — but it was arguably the fear of the verdict after the lengthy trial.

Armitage claims, among other wrongdoings, that after releasing the dino data to the public… A lead professor beat on his door, ran in and screamed “We’re not going to tolerate your religion at this university!” (presumably meaning dinosaur soft tissue -or- the age of a dinosaur has somehow become a “religion”)

I’ve been in a grocery line where people would leave the other line and come to my line, because I’m talking to the cashier about soft tissue in dinosaur bones.”

The University claimed the laboratory equipment used was scheduled to be “decommissioned”— rebutted by Mark Armitage to reveal it was actually the electron microscopes that were replaced, adding more fluorescent microscopes, and the confocal microscope continued to be used. armitige_15His published report on the discovery was morphologically objective, as emphasized by North Carolina State Palaeontologist Dr.Mary Schweitzer having even read it prior to publication, stating “It was fine.” Since the California University find by Armitage, he has conducted 2 more digs that yielded soft tissue, the reports awaiting publication. Overall, I find it ridiculously hypocritical that evolution proponents go on to slam Mark Armitage for calling it what it obviously was while knee-jerk lawsuits shunt the court system striking down anyone — specifically any Christian for so much as mumbling opposition to the hulking will of legalist atheists. The court’s judgement counts as a win for the God of creation 



To watch Richard Dawkins (America’s Favorite Atheist) get slapped over dinosaur / human footprints in Glen Rose, Texas (Simply Click play beneath)

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