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A Rift Between Dimensions

Author: James Tichenor

It seems that the rift between dimensions located near the sleepy river town of Pointe Pleasant, West Virginia, has opened once again. If you’re not familiar with the story of the, ” Mothman,” I would refer you to the movie of the same name. It would seem that the super natural creature that was the basis of the 2002 movie, which chronicled the true story of paranormal activity surrounding the Silver bridge collapse, has returned.

For one month prior to December 15, 1967, the residents of Pointe Pleasant, WV had reported seeing a, half man, half bird like creature with piercing, glowing red eyes. The creature instilled fear and frenzy in any individual unlucky enough to have crossed it’s path. Being a native West Virginian and residing about a hundred miles from Point Pleasant, I was told the story from family since I was in grade school. I even had an uncle who was dating a young lady in Pointe Pleasant during 1970’s, and she knew several of the 1967 eye witnesses and victims of the bridge collapse. The night of December 15th, ’67 climaxed the paranormal activity of the prior month when the Silver bridge, a steel eye barred suspension bridge spanning the Ohio River, collapsed killing 46 townsfolk who were Christmas shopping that evening.

Now, 49 years later almost to the day, the strange winged creature appears to be flying the skys of Point Pleasant once again. A man who wished to remain anonymous, turned over pictures of large bird like creature with human arms and legs, too WCHS news. Along with the photos, reports of sightings from at least a dozen other people have been reported. Included with those are two volunteer fire fighters, born and raised in the small town. I had once been a volunteer fireman for a different department in the northern part of the state. Small towns in West Virginia depend on volunteers as first responders to all manner of accidents. This experience
is helpful reporting eye witnesses accounts because first responders are trained to pay attention to elements of an event so as too report them accurately. According to fireman, Ryan Blanney,  He and another fireman, who wished to remain anonymous, were returning from assisting with a cardiac arrest call when they spotted the creature. Fireman Blarney relayed that, ” Me and my driver had just rounded a corner on Rt 2, bout 4 miles outside town. All of the sudden the truck shifted wieght, like we broke traction. My driver kinda cussed and turned around to look behind us. There wasn’t any rain or precipitation of any kind, and he wasn’t speeding. He whipped around and then just stared out passenger side rear window. I could just tell looking at his reaction something was beside the moving truck! I whipped around and right there maybe 10-12 feet away is this, man like bat with red eyes like the damned devil gliding beside us!”

I began following the recent round of unidentified flying humanoid, U.F.H sightings shortly after the  pictures from November 20th, appeared on internet news sights. I have been researching the Mothman and another U.F.H, known as the, “Flatwoods Monster.” For at least ten years. There is no connection between the two entities except physical proximity. What is
more disturbing with the Mothman case, is its timing, seemingly appearing as some sort of black angel predicting impending catastrophe. In the case of the 1967 sightings, the disaster was localised too the small town of Point Pleasant. In later years the Mothman has appeared before and during tragic events, even having been photographed flying through the streets of
New York, on September, 11th.

So what of these recent sightings? Should the residents of Pointe Pleasant begin bracing themselves for an unseen tragedy between now and the new year. Or, is the Mothman some sort of residual part of the human psyche, peering at us through the dimensions with its hypnotic and terrifying red eyes. Not cursing Point Pleant per say, but relaying doom from it’s perch
outside time and space. As the appearance of strange entities become moreand more the norm rather than the exception, I’m sure we will all become believers in that strange, dare I say fallen realm from where these
creatures arrive.

James TichenorAuthor: James Tichenor

James A. Tichenor is a writer from Morgantown, West Virginia. His early writings reflected his passions for poetry and Christianity as seen in the self-published titles, “A Few Choice Words,1998,” and “The Love Bomb: Poems from Ground Zero, 1999.” After Graduating from Fairmont State University in 2002, James was recognized on the list of, “Who’s, Who of Colleges and Universities, 2002.” Upon completing his B.S. in Psychology James became intrigued with ufology, cryptology and all manner of phenomenon involved with Para-Psychology. James has spent the last fifteen years researching the supernatural and reconciling the paranormal with the word of God.

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