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Aliens & Demons: The Full Film

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Aliens are Demons

Aliens & Demons: The Film

The video above on the subject of Aliens and Demons was one of the first ever made by the God in a Nutshell project.

At that time there used to be really cool stuff to look at all over the internet. Then, somehow, little by little, “cool stuff” became censored stuff that people were scared to talk about.

So, in this article, we’re doing Aliens & Demons. A commentary on a bag of clips (both real and fakes) that one might find difficult even to search-out on the censored but once fun internet anymore.

Aliens & Demons

Aliens & Demons

Aliens & Devils Short Documentary

This documentary was made surrounding the year of 2012 when the big talk of the mainstream media was the Mayan Calendar and Global Warming; later to be renamed: Climate Change. Of the two subjects, the Mayan Calendar might actually have been the better story of the two.

Whatever the case, at that time UFO’s were the talk of media and the world. The common pitch was that these were friendly fellows coming from other planets. I personally found issue with several parts of that argument.

  1. The UFO phenomenon would just appear and disappear in thin air. So, the question for me would become: Where is it when you don’t see it?
  2. The UFO phenomenon seemed to be filmed in the skies all over the world with sightings continuously. With that sheer volume of “UFO’s” one begins to wonder ~ is the source of this more localized to earth than from a zillion miles away?
  3. The encounters people would have with these strange “alien” beings appeared to match closely with encounters described in the occult, witchcraft and magic ~ all with same above two listed characteristics.
  4. The “alien” beings rarely were described as very friendly. In fact, often described as very deceptive and frightening type experiences. Whatever “friendly” aspects there were to these claimed “alien” experiences were always in the interest of the alien. In short, the claimed aliens are rarely described as a warm fuzzy experience.

For all these reasons and more I took an approach on the above film to present the dark side of these claimed alien experiences.

This was one of my first documentary films. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, there are plenty more full length documentaries (many several hours long) in the partners section of this website.

God bless all of you. Enjoy the ride.

~ Trey Smith