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Another Big One in Italy 7:40 a.m. local time (2:40 a.m. ET) Sunday

Author: Guy Micholic

6.6 earthquake strikes Central Italy. The largest in three decades and third powerful tremor in less than a week. Buildings that survived the first two quakes but sustained structural damage are now reduced to rubble. Nuns could be seen running in fear as ancient buildings began to collapse. In following with the theme of my first article on the subject I must ask, is Rome being sent a message?
Italy has engaged over a dozen agencies including Military, Fire, Police, Civil Protection Force, and local authorities, to coordinate efforts and best offer support as they work side by side. As heavy equipment moves in, ready to remove rubble that was once ancient buildings made of stone and clay, trained dogs (sniffer dogs) search for life under the debris. The very age of these collapsed buildings testify to the unprecedented nature of the recent quakes. I can only imagine what it feels like to see something that has stood for more than a thousand years, brought to utter ruin in a single event.
Many of the locals relocated following the deadly event that took place in the same area in August, reducing the amount of personal suffering. But the tragic loss of historic architecture will scar the landscape of once beautiful ancient communities.
Once again the effects were felt all the way in Rome, begging the question, is there a connection to these events and the prophetic words in Scripture?
Jeremiah 4: [24] I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly
Rome has played a major role in history, particularly in shaping the world’s most powerful religion. It is as wide spread as humanity itself, influencing every culture on earth. No other Nation State wields such power. There is much debate concerning Rome’s position and destiny as it relates to end times. Ironically, teachings within the ancient religion that is “Rome”, speak of the rise of evil within its ranks and the coming of its own destruction.  

In any event, a dramatic theme is being played out for the whole world to see.


Guy MicholicAuthor: Guy Micholic

Guy has been a machinist for the majority of his working years, after graduating from a technical college in 1983. He pursued the occupation that suited his degree but has always had a passion for creative writing. Poetry and free style writing have been a source of inspiration for him and a way to express things that might otherwise have remained dormant within him. Now approaching retirement, he has decided to exorcize the passions that have until now remained at the tail end of his priority list. Being a song writer/guitarist for many years has brought much joy to him as well.

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