Vav Two: Intro

The Vav: Its Meaning and Significance | Part 2

In both the Vav Part One & Two we explore the empires of Earth. There are six (6) basic ages of empires leading to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Those empires, beginning with Sumer and Akkad (together later called "Assyria,") are: Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, then Rome.  Some would call the age...

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Prophecy Iran and China,Kim Clement prophecy

Global Awakening: Election, Iran & China Prophecy Iran and China. And, the election of 2020. The above video, roughly 25 minutes is about a Global Awakening prophesied by Kim Clement. The ministry of Kim Clement can be found and supported at: House of Destiny. A Simple Stone: Kim Clement prophesied this...

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George Washington,George Washington prophecy ,George Washington Prophecy

George Washington 1777 Prophecy of America

This is the George Washington 1777 prophecy of America The George Washington 1777 prophecy of America is infamous part of the start of the United States. This is a story of George Washington's vision given by an angel. Valley Forge The Continental Army of George Washington were...

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