Clinton Foundation Found Guilty of “Pay For Play”

Author:Cayton McDonald

With less than two weeks to go until the most strenuous election in our nations history, Wikileaks has dropped bombshell after bombshell on the Clinton Campaign. Obviously, Secretary Clinton has not enjoyed this at all. Probably about as much as the Libyans and Syrians have enjoyed her literal bombs ravaging their own countries. Recently, President Obama has been proven to be a liar when he claimed to not have any knowledge of his own Secretary of State’s private email. The problem is, he emailed her private email numerous times (which is 100 % classified automatically without annotations) to her email address that was not a “” email address. Hillary’s campaign was caught through released emails talking about how they needed to “clean this up” and professed their worries about the situation and proposed ideas on how to cover it up…  and I know, I know… I was incredibly shocked by that “revelation” as well, but another “shocking” revelation from Wikileaks have revealed absolutely proof that the Clinton’s used their “charity” as a way to funnel money… into their own pockets. Reports and even full length documentaries have been made (Watch for free here) to uncover how Hillary AND Bill sold off their power to the highest bidder, all in the name of charity. The emails detail how a former Bill Clinton aids bragged about securing 100 million dollars for “Bill Clinton Inc” when they were challenged about their own conflicts of interest. Hillary and the rest of the media, of course, have simply stated their given line that Russia is behind these attacks and they were stolen so they should be ignored. Even if it was the Russians (which is a claim that has yet to be substantiated), I find it odd that every time Democrats are outed as being corrupt that the first line of defense is to attack how the information was obtained. Why not just try not being completely corrupt for a change? Too much to ask from the party of ripping living babies from the womb at 9 months I guess.


I guess they didn’t feel the same way about Trumps 21 year old tax that were stolen and released illegally through the New York Times, but that is neither here nor there. Even their admittedly rigged polls through purposeful oversampling (also revealed through Wikileaks) are tightening up all over the country. Trump has wisely used this in his campaigns following the release and Trump noted the newly released memo dubbed the arrangement “unorthodox,” but the GOP nominee said, “The rest of us call it outright corruption.” Trump rally

This election cycle truly has become a war against our own government. Not one with guns, ammunition and lost lives, but one through revealing blatant truths, painstaking disclosures, and sensationally bringing the arrogant cockroaches of the highest levels of our government into the light. Trump has been called Hitler more times than I can count this year, but was it not Hitler who had the media of his day in full propaganda mode 100% of the time? Frightening days are ahead if this election is stolen from the people as 41% of the population fears. I see 20,000 people at Trump events 3 times a day every single day of the week in massive arenas all over the country, while Hillary is lucky to get 200 to not even fill the inside of a high school gymnasium. Even Mike Pence plays the political rock star to the tune of a few thousand at his events, while Tim Kaine recently opened to a lackluster 30 supporters in Florida


All of the information we have leads to this. him or hate him, Trump is the only person running that can actually get rid of (or as he calls it) “drain the swamp” of the political class that has taken over our country to line their own pockets while you and I struggle to make it day to day. I think of it this very simple way when I think about who to vote for in this election, if Trump gets in and doesn’t do what he says he is going to do, or even tries to do some of the things Democrats claim he will do (like enact concentration camps for all Muslims), he will be stopped by our two other branches of government as the constitution was designed to do. On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton wins do you really believe the results would be the same?Every single media outlet will continue to be her propaganda arm and (mark my words) claim anyone who disagrees with her is just “sexist.” The current republicans in office have given Obama almost everything he has asked for and are equally to blame for the current state of our country, but do you really believe they are going to somehow have a change of heart for Obama 2.0? The supreme court will be filled with people who will rubber stamp every decision she makes in office whether it be unisex bathrooms for all, or an Australian style gun grab she has praised many times in the past. Do you really think they will do their jobs as commanded in the constitution? I think we can answer that with simply looking at how she has already gotten away with multiple felonies in public view by having her staff give over 600 thousand dollars to the failed congressional campaign of the wife of deputy FBI director in charge of investigating her use of private emails.

So if you are somehow still on the fence or just not voting because Donald Trump said some nasty things on a bus 12 years ago, I implore you to rethink this year. I too in past elections have elected to skip out on voting because I saw the two parties as two wings of the same bird, defecating all over us while they sore themselves to new heights, but this year IS different. This year we actually have a chance to stand up to Washington and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. There are powerful people in charge of the people in power, and Donald Trump is not one of them. Look at how they attack him, the media, both Republicans and Democrats, the Bushes, Mitt Romney, RNC party leaders, China, Saudi Arabia, the POPE all attack this man. Why? They want you to believe it is because they finally have a conscience, that after decades of lying to us about WMD’s, Saudi Arabian involvement in 9/11, killing millions of innocent people over lies, upending entire countries in the name of regime change (when a lot of the times we put those regimes in), and droning weddings filled with innocent women and children they tell us NOW they have said that they have a heart because someone wants to end their reign of power and is calling them out for who they really are. It is time to “Make America Great Again” by taking it back from the corrupt political elite that have driven us further away from God and further down the path to total annihilation of a once great country.

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