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Dear Democrats, This Is Why You Lost

Author: Cayton McDonald

For most people who have followed this election very closely and with an open mind, Tuesday’s election results did not come as much of a surprise. For those who have spent the last few days crying, rioting, physically assaulting people (since you know… love trumps hate), and claiming this was a “white-lash” it obviously came as a bit of a surprise. But why did it happen? Is it because of institutional racism, sexism, bigotry, xenophobia, and everything the left has claimed? The short answer? No, but since we now have college aged adults who have PTSD from the election result that requires therapy, CNN’s Van Jones claiming that this was a “white-lash” vote, and Lena Dunham stating that it is “self-hating white women with violent privilege” that are to blame, you need look no further than at these reactions to the election to get your answer. People are sick of it. They are sick of being called every name in the book (racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, etc) just because they disagree with you. As soon as you begin to belittle people in these ways because of your preconceived notions of who they are based solely on a disagreement, you begin to dehumanize them. Once you dehumanize someone it is only short period of time before it is okay to violently attack these people (and then steal their car).

(Note-the ever trustworthy “snopes” has marked this claim as “mostly false” but considering they are screaming “you voted Trump, you gonna pay for that s**t” I think we can put that claim to rest.)

Even that can partially be attributed to the media’s coverage of this election which we will discuss later, but the aftermath of the election is perplexing. The same people who hold “love trumps hate” signs are the same people burning Oakland to ground. The same people who praised Hillary’s consistent repetition of Michelle Obama’s slogan “when they go low, we go high” are now the same people beating up Trump voters in the streets. The same people who were “outraged” by Trump’s refusal to acknowledge that he would accept the election outcome and claimed that he was “threatening our democracy” are now the same people signing a pledge for the electoral college to go against the will of the people and vote Hillary Clinton in. As of now there are 3,219,263 signatures. (see here)


As for college kids, we have entered a stage in this country where colleges have essentially become daycare centers that cater to the “participation trophy” generation that I belong to as well. I know that it is hard for some to understand this, but most people don’t care about your opinions, especially when they usually are yelled as loudly as possible in your face and there is no actual dialogue between two parties. During this election season I have had many great conversations with several Hillary supporters but the vast majority have always ended in the same manner (and I have been blocked more times than I can count). Which was me being called racist, told to shut up, and completely ignored, and once even had someone post a very comment on business Facebook page even though I have never met this person. At one point I even had someone somehow hack into my information and post my social security number online. This is a huge problem for most people and it never actually works in getting your point across. You come off as smug, arrogant, and incredibly self righteous. I have had some in my own family refuse to speak to me for simply stating undisputed facts about this election, like Hillary accepting millions of dollars from foreign governments who stone women for being raped and throw gay people off of buildings. I know that I am not racist, I don’t care if you think that I am, and that is what you don’t seem to get. You have overused these words so much that they hold no value anymore. Nobody cares anymore. No one is listening to you and its no one’s fault but your own. It pains me to say this but I also fell into the lies eight years ago and actually voted for an African American man who’s middle name is Hussein. I don’t know many racists that would do such a thing. That in itself isn’t proof of my not being a racist, but you’d be hard pressed to find many racists that voted for Obama and I honestly just don’t care if you think that I am. And that is the story for MILLIONS of Americans. We were promised “hope and change” and instead got ridiculous insurance premiums that cost us a couple thousand of dollars per year with no actual coverage until we paid a $5,000 deductible. I opted for the fine instead, because it was cheaper to pay a thousand dollars than seven thousand just to have coverage, we grew tired of being forced into things that we had no say in and it seems the president cares more about what bathroom people use than he does about people having a difficult life BECAUSE of his decisions as president.

We also read Wikileaks and watched the Project Veritas videos, which you should have probably done regardless of whether or not you believed that Russia was the reason behind it or that the videos were edited. Had you done so you would have seen a good portion of why people absolutely loathed the Clinton Campaign. What they revealed was astonishing to say the least. At times I sat with my jaw dropped in absolute shock from what these emails and videos contained. Blatant corruption, media collusion, Clinton Foundation revelations about how it was NOT a charity AT ALL, spirit cooking (yes… really), discussions on how to use the death of an African American man to their advantage, wishful thoughts that the San Bernardino shooters were white, admissions of voter fraud, and paying mentally homeless people to incite violence at Trump rallies. Yes those rallies that the media claimed were Trump’s fault were orchestrated by the highest levels of the DNC and even Clinton herself. It wasn’t too far of a jump for people to put two and two together to realize that the media was complicit in this as well.

While I know that the media immediately came out swinging against these in depth looks into the campaign claiming that these emails were STOLEN (they didn’t seem to mind that Trump’s 21 year old tax returns were illegally stolen and released) and that Russia was trying to help Trump and the videos were edited. But what they didn’t tell you is that John Podesta’s email password was “P@ssword” so anyone could have done it and the Project Veritas videos were only edited down because Americans have less of an attention span than a goldfish, and the people in the video admitting these things have now been fired. This is why no one believed the 12 women who came forward to claim that Donald Trump assaulted them 30 years ago whether it was true or not. It is hard to believe that Trump, who is a billionaire who has been surrounded by beautiful women his entire life, had done these things since the only time in his life he has been accused of this was three weeks before an election perfectly timed right after the release of the infamous Trump tape with Billy Bush.

Are there racist people who supported Trump? Absolutely, just like everyone else in the country racist people have the right to vote and speak openly about it. Does that mean that Trump supporters are racist? Absolutely not. Hillary Clinton said one of her mentors was Robert Byrd, a former Klan grand dragon. Does this mean that Hillary supporters are racist? Or does that only apply to republicans? This is part of the problem… Blatant contradictions ignored or explained away by Hillary’s biggest supporters… Which brings me to probably the biggest reason for Hillary’s defeat, the media.


For some time now most people have known that the media has had a liberal bias, but it has been no more out in the open than during this election season. A study was done to show that 91% of the coverage of Donald Trump was negative coverage. Their coverage of Clinton was that she was a flawed but ordinary candidate and Donald Trump was a genuine threat to liberal democracy. “Even when they were critical of Hillary Clinton — for concealing her pneumonia, for example, or mischaracterizing the FBI investigation of her email server — network reporters always maintained a respectful tone in their coverage,” the study’s authors write. “This was not the case with Trump, who was slammed as embodying ‘the politics of fear,’ or a ‘dangerous’ and ‘vulgar’ ‘misogynistic bully’ who had insulted vast swaths of the American electorate.” It was even exposed that Hillary Clinton was given debate questions prior to the debates by none other than interim DNC chairman Donna Brazil. To top it off the polling for this election was overwhelmingly proven to be false. The last of the polls in Pennsylvania had Clinton up by 9 points, in Michigan she was up by 6, both won by Donald Trump. This led to the assumption of a Clinton blow out and the media laughed at anyone who suggested otherwise. This is exactly why there are currently riots in the street, this is why people are so angry and hurt. The media created this problem and they are continuing in the same ways today. We all (including democrats) need to come to grips with the fact that the media is completely dishonest in their reporting and aim to divide with every report. The media needs to be called out on this by EVERYONE or they will never stop. Remember, just because you like the results doesn’t mean it is what is best. Donald Trump is by far no perfect vessel, but the media coverage of him amplified any imperfections he has by 1,000%.

I have even heard several women claim that they are now scared to walk the streets for fear of being groped because Trump is president. People are expecting the Hunger Games to become a reality or, at best, concentration camps for Mexicans and Muslims are on the horizon. But why do they fear this? Because for the last eight years they have enjoyed an administration that has usurped the constitution and has arrogantly displayed its overreaching power above what our three branches of government were designed for. They fear this because they did not realize that if you don’t keep the current president in check whether his decisions have given you your desired result or not, you might not like it when the president is not the person you chose. What you don’t realize (and might give you comfort) is that conservative and libertarian minded people don’t feel the same way.  We believe in the rule of law as laid out in the constitution and believe in the separation of powers as the proper way to govern, regardless of whether the policies benefit us or not. Trust me, if Donald Trump acts in the same way as Obama did, we will call him out on it, because we know where that leads.

My advice to you is simple… Stop assuming you know why someone voted for Donald Trump (or against Hillary) and just ask. Stop telling people they are racist because they have a different viewpoint than you. Stop attacking people because they voted for the other guy. This has even led to outright child abuse as shown in this video below:

And finally, if you really value yourself as an open-minded free thinking progressive, be one. Stay quiet long enough to let us talk to you, we will gladly engage in civil discussions, but no longer will we take the verbal abuse that has become the status quo of the left. Because remember the same people who made this sign… love-and-kindness

Are the same people destroying cities right now.


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