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Famed Catholic Priest Killed by Demon, documentary claims

Author: Zebulon Rogers

DailyMail reports that Catholic Priest Malachi Martin, famed exorcist and Vatican whistleblower, was said to have been shoved by an ‘invisible force’ before sustaining a fatal cerebral hemorrhage in his apartment in 1999, just four days shy of his 78th birthday, according to his former driver and close friend Robert Marrow. The new revelation is part of the documentary Hostage to the Devil, based on the book of the same name, which explores the case of a four-year-old American girl possessed by the devil.

Robert Marrow, also a former CIA agent, stated that just prior to his death, Father Malachi Martin confided that he felt he had been shoved by a spirit, causing the fall that took his life shortly after. His driver also stated that as Martin met with the family of the possessed girl, she approached Martin and spoke a chilling phrase: ‘So you’re Malachi Martin, and you think you can help her?’

Malachi Martin is perhaps the most famous figure in 20th century Catholicism next to the Pope. He is believed to be the inspiration of character Father Merrin in William Friedkin’s film adaptation of The Exorcist (which we do not recommend to our readers), and has been widely regarded by many paranormal researchers due to his well-documented experiences with exorcism and spiritual warfare.

The 2016 documentary will be released on Netflix January 15th.

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