FBI Investigation Back On, Is This The End Of Hillary?


Author: Cayton McDonald

Yesterday’s stunning announcement from FBI director James Comey has shaken the political world in an unprecedented way, the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private emails has been reopened due to further evidence recently found. Where was this new information found? None other than Huma Abedin’s soon to be ex husband, Anthony Weiner, the sexual predator currently being investigated for sending sexual text messages to a 15 year old girl. The Clinton Campaign is outraged, media outlets are scrambling (and failing) to spin this as they attempt to place blame on the director for making this information public so close to an election. They all cry foul because of how this could “effect the election” in nine short days. I guess they feel that he should have waited until afterwards so we could have long standing criminal investigations going on and possible immediate impeachment for their hopeful future president. Abedin has now become the center of the media circus surrounding this new revelation. What we know is little, but what we do know it very bad. Abedin had been forwarding Secretary Clinton’s emails to her personal email for “convenience” and apparently there are thousands of them. From Judicial watch FOIA requests in 2015 there were 110 emails from the email account in question that were from Abedin to herself. One such email had attachments that were completely redacted and one page even disclaimed “page denied” causing obvious educated speculation that these emails were classified. We can not know for sure what the outcome will be, but it doesnt look good. Conservatives have now changed their distate of Comey into outright praise following the new information. The regressive left is now playing dodge ball as they try to place blame on everything but their terrible idea to nominate a person under criminal investigation by the FBI to be the president of United States.

Trump will now be seen as somewhat prophetic as he eerily predicted this back in 2015 with a tweet

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