GIAN Family – We Need Your Help

Author: Jonathan Rovetto

Hello GIAN friends.  I just talked with Trey, he is really excited.  He has decided to create a video concerning the book of Enoch.  He is not going to focus on the Nephilim in this video, but he will focus on the Calendar and some other aspects of Enoch that he hasn’t spoken about before. He is/has been spending many hours of his time researching and rereading the book of Enoch.

Here is where you can help. Many people have written, asking if material would be available to download instead of purchasing DVD’s.  We are looking into doing just that.

Please comment here and let me know what streaming/downloading service works the best for you and what you would recommend.  Thanks for your input.

Many Blessings from Trey and the staff of GIAN.

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