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God Dimension: Full documentary

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Please use the version pulled from Youtube at the bottom of the page at present. It was intended as a backup, but we are working on our streaming. It is the full film.  

YHVH: the God Dimension

It is really an honor to begin to make some of these available for immediate streaming. This particular film was designed to be intellectually satisfying, as well as eye-candy to watch. 

The God Dimension was created using footage from a variety of locations in Israel, with the focus being on the magic of the Hebrew Letters. 

Most especially, the video focuses on the way the letters (each one) seem to tell an independent story — that is nearly entirely lost when translated into any language, save their original form.

In short, ancient Hebrew Torah has dimensional properties shared by no other text on earth. 

I really hope you enjoy this film. It is one of my favorites. 

The God Dimension. 

I have provided a separate copy under this text in case the version on top has any trouble playing. Videos can play choppy if too many viewers are watching at once, straining the bandwidth. 

God bless all of you, this is a fun ride by God in a Nutshell

Trey Smith


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