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God of Wonders: Snowflakes

Author: Maria Azcapri


Yob(Job) 38:22 Have you entered the treasuries of the snow, or have you seen the treasures of the hail?

The microscope was invented in the 16th Century, how is it possible that Yob wrote about the treasures of the snow?

If Elohim poured His exquisiteness on snowflakes, can you just get to imagine, The House He is preparing for us?



Snowflakes form high in the atmosphere. They will reach the ground if the air temperature is below freezing all the way down. Image by NOAA.


Snowflakes form high in the atmosphere. If they partially melt on the way down then refreeze before landing the result will be sleet. Image by NOAA.


Snowflakes form high in the atmosphere. If they melt completely on the way down then land on a cold Earth the result will be freezing rain. Image by NOAA.


Each and every snowflake is unique, and every single one has 6 points.



Please make sure to press settings and then turn the velocity of the video to high speed!!!




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