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If You Get My Vibe

Author: Andrew Smith

In this arrangement, we are going to examine science, philosophy, and theology from the perspective of a contrite mind and full well knowing that the places we are trying to explain or lay hold of remain outside of the realm of a complete and full understanding during our current circumstances as we move through this mortal coil. Never the less we are going to travel together to places of the cosmic scale and beyond. We will also be peering into the smallest scale our science can provide, the sub atomic with its neutrons, protons, and quarks that oddly enough is eerily similar to the design of cosmos that house the planets and stars. The cosmos although infinitely larger in scale remains the same in scope to the sub atomic. The following ideas expressed come from a deep desire to understand the Creator and learn what I am and how I relate to Him and the rest of creation. It is my strong belief that the seeking of truth, Creator, and self is a vital part of this life experience and mandated by The Savior to embark in the adventure to come to know thy self in every level of being from the obvious to the abstract and beyond.

Those words written down so very long ago lights the fire of an inquisitive nature in me. It has fueled many nights of study in the search for something called truth which I find to be buried in disinformation and perverted by those that seek power and control. It is also dismissed by those that remain under the veil of awakening leaving them completely vulnerable to the disinformation and perversion of the very truth they have subconsciously deemed unimportant. Once the veil is lifted existence itself shifts gears. A new paradigm of thought, interaction, and relationship is realized. Many men of science have been fueled in their endeavors of discovery by the perpetual seeking of truth that ends only at the source, The Creator.

It is said that matter itself is an Illusion, nothing more than the crude remnant of something greater and much more real. The Hopi believe everything has a spirit. The trees, the mountains, the grass, the body, the air, the heavens, the moon, the sun, and the great beyond all exist in a spiritual matrix that is separated only by the senses we have yet to obtain. An unveiled mind can perceive the subtle clues left by this spiritual matrix that is but an extension of the Creator and how everything is connected to Him. We can learn so very much from the quiet observation of everything. He is in it everywhere, in everything, and on every level. Albert Einstein once said…
One cannot examine a solar system and the laws of gravity, attraction, inertia, and the symmetry that ensues without acknowledging the clockwork like design of its inner most workings and the beauty that arises from the ashes of ancient collisions and cosmic battles. It takes only simple logic to arrive at the conclusion that something much more divine is happening out there then blind luck and chance. Even though we cannot see it with our physical eyes science knows of a hidden force that seems to hold everything together and keep the solar system from just flying apart into raging chaos. Some scientists call this force dark matter, some call it the Higgs boson, and some have even dubbed it “The God Particle”. I personally believe it to be the resonance of the Grand Creator that holds us in place.

After a few hours of study, one can clearly understand that everything has a vibration. All matter on the molecular level is but particles vibrating. Light, in all its different spectrums, is only photons vibrating at different frequencies. Sound is vibration of all different frequencies and amplification. The subatomic world is an orchestra of infinite levels of vibration. Oddly enough at the smallest scale science can render at the current level of technology we see that all matter is actually 99.9% empty space, almost exactly like the cosmic scale of things. The amazing thing is that filling that empty space is a mysterious force that makes everything our five known senses can experience real with vibration and reaction yet leaving itself inconceivable by those same five senses. This begs the question of what is real. Quantum science gives us some mind-blowing ideas about consciousness, matter, and the strange connection between the two.

The sad truth is the only sciences that seem to be answering the important questions are the ones that stay on the fringe. That fringe leaves them somewhat disconnected from the mainstream scientific community as well as the theological communities due to the oil and water friction that has existed for so long between the two. It remains that truth will always take a back seat to profit in this world. The good news is those that seek the truth desire that truth over money and this keeps the data obtained from the studies clean of corruption. When we take the raw data and organize it with the intent of rereading of Red Letters and the Truth spoken into this world by Christ that eventually led to His destruction then you begin to hear a different story. A story that sets people free from blindness and oppression and not one that centers on judgment and control.

I want to look at a broad definition of the word “resonance” for a moment.

Now I want to list some scriptures of the canonical and non-canonical realms and then tie them together with the definition above. Read these thinking about spoken word and its vibration and resonance. Think about light being vibrations at its highest frequencies. Imagine for the moment the matrix of light and vibration that is part of everything great and small, from the outer most reaches of the cosmos to the inner most workings of the subatomic and the quarks that make your physical body.

I find it highly ironic that the creation story in the Bible is totally dependent on God’s voice and His resonance. The major events in the book of Revelation are always preceded by a trumpet blast blown by an angel. Try to imagine a celestial trumpet blast that’s scale can shake the earth. When it says that with a visible voice and a flash of lightning the good will be taken up to the light it reminds me of a tuning fork for a piano. The tuning fork is rung and the piano is tuned to match it, or the harmonics of an electric guitar and how it uses reverb and feedback to resonate the strings to a perpetual note. Alexander Graham Bell postulated that light was super high frequencies of vibration. Thinking this way things begin to come into focus when the bible refers to Christ as “The Word” and “The Light of the world”. I have overheard people argue the fact that Jesus was not a book (The Word) but when you interject the definition of resonance and the properties of vibration, the cadence of spoken word and the affects it has on the material world it starts to make more sense. The thing that Alexander Graham Bell discovered is that there was a huge gap between the vibrations that can be observed by our five known senses and all the frequencies of vibrations that exist. We can only see an estimated 2% of the light spectrum. That leaves 98% of the spectrum unseen by the eyes of flesh. Even with what we believe to be advanced technology we are still left in the dark when it comes to vast array of photonic activity assembled around and within us. It is that very digression from the original resonance that blinds us from truth that resides in the all. The creator is aware that we are out of tune and works tirelessly to reconcile the deficiency through His Resonance.

These ideas become a fundamental part of the awakening process for me. Not a singular moment of awakening but one that is part of a process that remains in perpetual motion that isn’t determined by any particular direction other than towards the Truth. Any study or refinement of ideas is part of this process of relating one’s self to creation and seeking the face of The One who creates. It is in the resonance and cadence of The Father that resides under the veil of everything that the whispers of the Truth call out from the darkness. It is in those whispers that I find peace; it is in the vibrations that make us what we are that I find myself, it is under the veil that I begin to know myself. There are people that expect a spiritual awakening of the masses while in the same breath warn caution against the ideas that create the atmosphere for that very awakening. The ideas that some of the greatest minds of our time have discovered and continue to discover to this day that point to what we are and how everything relates to everything. They warn against the internet and social media as dangerous and self-serving. The only thing dangerous and self-serving is the character of the one using it.

In my case I feel that my purpose is to share these ideas with no other intent then to have someone else’s ideas shared with me in a mutual attempt to grow together. That’s what this life experience is about. It is about growing together. It is about learning together and striving to be the best persons we can be. It’s about loving each other through all of our differences and sharing with each other the awesome things that give us peace and understanding without the fear of persecution or condemnation. It’s about creating an atmosphere of mutual respect as we try to figure out this existence and its meaning. It is about listening to the subtle clues all around us that seem to resonate out of nature itself that paint a picture of the nature of our Creator and the corruption, in the minds of men, of that very nature that ensued after the fall. It is about finding the Truth that resides just under the surface, resonating from within, a Truth that propels us to a home that we can’t begin to imagine that nature of. It is about finding the voice of God and the resonance that exists within His Person. It is about the revelation of Christ and seeking that revelation at all cost. That is the sweetest revelation of all. When He shows up and says…I AM. That’s what it is all about, if you get my vibe.

May the grace of Christ, the love of Creator, and fellowship with Holy Spirit be with you all.

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