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Israel: The Consequences of Dividing God’s Land

Author: Zebulon Rogers

“Blessed is everyone who blesses you, And cursed is everyone who curses you.” Numbers 24:9

The United Nations are on the precipice of a great humbling. As has been widely reported, on December 12th the UN will hold another vote that would otherwise decide the fate of Israel under the bloody edge of a two-state solution. America’s waning President Barack Obama will decide the fate of his legacy as he casts his vote. But has he learned his lesson from his previous attempts at dividing the Holy Land?

In Judges 13-16, Sampson wreaks holy havoc on the Philistine captors holding Israel siege through idolatry. In 2 Samuel 23:8-38, we read of the exploits of King David’s Mighty Men devastating the vast enemies of the Lord. Scripture is replete with examples of what happens to the enemies of Israel when it managed to stand upon the law of its greater deliverer, YHWH.
Since Israel’s restoration as a nation in 1947, what has been written in Daniel 11:32 has proven true beyond any reasonable doubt. A brief rundown of politicians who dared cross Israel and their subsequent defeats at the hands of God:

The Six-Day War: Israel was embroiled in a pincer attack between Egyptian, Jordanian, and Syrian forces in June of 1967, all funded by 2 billion Russian rubles. The attacking nations, all highly capable military powers, suffered a series of mysterious errors in their operations, letting Israel gain the upper hand early on. Leaders around the world were stunned at the uncanny accuracy of Israeli airstrikes and tactical gains on the ground. The decisive battle came when six Israeli tanks turned back a regiment of Syrian tanks in what seemed like a completely hopeless battle. Yitzhak Rabin, former prime minister of Israel, chose to name the conflict “The Six Day War”, evoking the Creation Week due to the miracle of having tripled its land. On the seventh day, Israel rested.

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1991 Madrid Conference: The Madrid Conference of October 30th -November 1st was a multinational effort intended to create a compromise between Israel and the Palestinian Delegation that would lead to a peaceful coexistence, spearheaded in America by President George H.W. Bush and then CIA Director George Tenet. As with all other instances in which Israel is required to compromise its borders, those who are part of anti-Israel constituencies often face the brunt of their decision. In what came to be known as “The Perfect Storm” (which inspired the movie of the same name), the East Coast was lashed with violent waves as Hurricane Grace (no coincidence) was absorbed by a nor’easter. The state of Maine took a large portion of the impact as well as five other states. The very day President Bush spoke about how Israel could be divided, while he was at the podium, the storm destroyed his family vacation home in Walker’s Point, ME. According to a report by the Portland Press Herald, citing an article from the New York Times, “Waves as high as his three-story house filled the house with sea water and caused extensive damage to the retreat…” The storm formed one day before the talks and dissipated one day after.

Bush didn’t learn his lesson the first time, either. Two more disaster events completed a trilogy of deadly ignorance when Bush spoke once more at the 1992 Madrid Conference that saw Hurricane Andrew slam into Florida the very same day, causing $30 billion in damage. The final leg happened in 1993 when Bush signed the Oslo Accords, which ushered in Hurricane Emily the next day.

Obama Orders Pre-1967 Borders: In a highly criticized move by the Obama administration, the president declared that Israel must retreat to its pre-1967 borders, giving Palestine complete control of the West Bank and reducing Israel’s land area virtually in half. Amidst a vast number of sins America was under at this time, this came as a thundering rebuke against Israel disguised as humanitarian concern. As a result, on August 23rd an earthquake hit the Piedmont region of Virginia, which sent tremors into D.C. that put three cracks in the top of the Washington Monument/Osiris Obelisk, one of the most blasphemous objects in the United States. Geologists noted that a quake greater than a 4.0 east of the Rockies is a rarity, and that pieces of the North American Plate continue to break off and sink deeper into the earth due to “unbalanced tensions in the region,” according to a report on AccuWeather. It is interesting to note that this quake happened on August 23rd, the same day as the second Madrid Conference disaster in 1992 and the formation of Tropical Storm Katrina (later Hurricane Katrina) in 2005, when America once again pressured Israel to give up the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians in 2005.

The number of times these things have occurred in conjunction with Israel’s oppression could fill a book. President Obama should take warning, as should all believers. Pray that we may see an end to the global persecution of Israel, and that Obama gain understanding in this time of need.

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