It Will Be a Shocking Experience

Author: Andrew Smith

It Will Be a Shocking Experience

I have seen a lot of stories in my news feed that speak encouraging words about an energy revolution that is coming.  I have felt it deep down at the core of my center since 2014 and articles like the one from Hope Girl just affirm my feelings.  I began drawing blueprints for free energy flashlights and phone chargers and still have a design in my head for 20kw+ free energy generator that I am going to build at some point.  Videos of nine-year-old kids that pull ambient energy out of thin air with $15 dollars of household supplies.  Kim Clement prophesied that in the midst of a Trump presidency a new energy source would come and it would come quickly.  Trey Smith’s Trump video confirms that the technology is there.  There has been a resurgence of Nikola Tesla’s body of work.  A huge number of people have woken up to the irresponsible practices of oil companies with the recent situation at Standing Rock.  Two income households that struggle to pay energy bills.  If I have ever been prophetic about anything, this is it.  When you study the realities of Tesla’s electric universe it all makes since.  Lightning bolts hurled to earth on a daily basis.  The energy is there in abundance and I believe God is going to show the right people how to harness it.  Think about it for a moment.  Millions of people united in prayer against an oil company.  An economic system based on centralized banks with the dollar directly tied to petroleum.   God hears the earnest prayers of His people that are hurting in a political and economic system that is stacked against them.  He knows that the biggest monkey wrench He can throw into this system is to unleash free energy.

Cars that run on water.  Sounds crazy, right?  Not so much.  There have been several cars made to run on water but the oil companies either buy the right and bury them or bury the inventor.  There is a semi-truck company called Nikola that has recently unveiled the Nicola One.  It is a road tractor that is hydrogen and electric with zero emissions.  It is exciting to say the least.  Check it out for yourself at   To be honest what Elon Musk is doing with cars right now at Tesla is miles ahead of hydrogen tech.  The Spirit of Truth that is setting this world ablaze is going to bust this thing wide open.  There is still an untapped element to the Tesla equation that no one is talking about but I would bet my paycheck that Tesla is just waiting for the right time to unveil the reality of Nikola’s original plan for wireless electricity.  It was proven in the early 1900’s that the ionosphere could be harnessed and when J.P. Morgan figured out that Tesla didn’t have plans of profit in mind he pulled his funding and did everything he could to discredit Tesla and steal his intellectual property and back the great Thomas Edison that was like minded in the ways of profiteering.  I say those days are coming to an end.  Trump said in one of his speeches that he wanted to unleash American innovation that has been silenced for so long.  There are companies that are using magnetic technology to create perpetual motion generators that can power 50kw and higher.  Fully equipped with zero resistance magnetic barring technology.  With no friction to cause drag, wear, and tear the energy machines have what seems to be an endless range of scope and possibility.  There is a revolution coming and it is going to be at least at first a relief to the corporate greed that has plagued this world for so long.  It won’t take long for the greedy misers to find a way overcharge, regulate, and monopolize the inventions but there will be a moment of relief.  To be honest I don’t think we got that long.

Now I am going to do something that I never do and explain a dream I had this week.  One reason that I don’t do this is because very seldom do I remember them. Number two they are always very abstract and I have misinterpreted many times.  However, this one makes sense and has been confirmed in my spirit and through outward manifestations as to the meaning of it.  It starts off with a huge concussion explosion that rocked the entire house.  We all run outside to see what is going on.  There is a massive fireball rolling up into the air and the explosions keep rocking us with sonic blasts.  It pops into my head in the dream that the explosions are coming from the general direction of the local church my family and I attend.  With a curious inflection, we hopped in the truck and went rubber-neck’n.  The strange part was there wasn’t any panic amongst us as to the situation but a sense that we needed to get there before we missed something significant that was happening.  As we approached the hill where the church comes into view we realize that it is indeed our church and the flames where massive.  We looked at it in in complete awe, there was no despair but a real sense of WOW.  As we pulled up to the turn in I noticed a twin set of those high-tension power line towers, the really big ones with the giant arms that were just ominously hovering over us.  They are not there in reality but only in the dream.  The intense heat from the flames had heated the metal frame structure of the powerline tower so much it had begun to wilt under its own weigh.  As it crashes into the second tower sparks fly and they both fall.  The sounds of iron creaking and squalling during the decent and then the crash as it lands across the highway.  The sounds of cables clashing and breaking all around us.  Next thing I remember I am sifting through cinders of the burnt-out church the walls were gone as if an internal explosion had disintegrated them.  I see my pastor Jeff picking something up and brushing off the soot and smiling as if collecting a souvenir from a very significant event.  Some will take this dream as gloom and doom but that was not the ambiance in the air.  Now I will give you what has been confirmed to me as to the meaning of the dream.

The Church is indeed about to catch fire.  Oh, but it won’t be the kind that produces heat.  There is going to be an explosion that tears down the walls but it won’t be a catastrophe.  Oh, I’m gonna preach a little bit. The Bride of Christ is about to wake up and the walls of church buildings won’t be able to hold her back or out depending on your church.  The sleeping giant awakes on all fronts in, out, through, up, down, and around.  During this awakening process the structures of corporate greed will begin to wilt under the pressure of a people that say in cadence; NO MORE.  Enough is enough.  As Truth begins to set people free through innovation and cooperation the shackles of bondage fall by the wayside.  When the initial explosion is over we will stand around and look at the old structures of bondage as a memento and a reminder of the system of slavery that fell at the hand of an Almighty God wroth with the systems enslaving His people.  God is about to turn the lights on, and it will be a shocking experience.

May the grace of Christ, and the love of Creator, and the fellowship of Holy Spirit be with you all.