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Josh Peck: Into the Universe with Trey Smith (a fun Skywatch TV interview)

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Josh Peck of Skywatch TV

Josh Peck of Skywatch TV w/ Trey Smith

Skywatch TV with Josh Peck host of Into the Universe interviews Trey Smith on — literally — EVERYTHING. In this episode of Into the Universe with Josh Peck, Trey Smith discusses the making of his first documentary, Theory of Everything. There was quite a lot of opposition to the making of Theory of Everything (a video challenging belief in Darwinism)….. opposition many watching the films likely don’t know about.

Josh Peck w/ Trey SmithAlso, Trey Smith discusses topics ranging from Dimensions of Time and Space….. to Angels…. to Aliens….

It is a fun and lighthearted and hopefully long-lasting and memorable episode of Into the Universe with Josh Peck on Skywatch TV.

Josh Peck later posted a photo watching the two disc Entities: Unveiling Set….. It seemed as though he enjoyed them.

Josh Peck of SkyWatch TV

To see Trey Smith’s interview with Derek Gilbert (What is the FUTURE of AMERICA?) on Skywatch TV, CLICK HERE

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