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Jurassic: Dinosaurs are Young. All of them.

God in a Nutshell

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Jurassic (the documentary) was early on in the debates between Christians and Atheists. I went with radio host Bob Enyart to visit a creation seminar in Dallas, Texas. The particular seminar was held by ICR, or Institute for Creation Research.

This was the first time I had ever been to a several day event, with probably hundreds of doctors from batteries of disciplines in attendance. 

Each speaker was excited about new developments in DNA, how they “proved evolution wasn’t true” in this way, that way, and the other way. 

What I had been realizing over the years — is that no matter how much “better” these men and women’s evidence got — the universities and science community would never accept any of it. In fact, the better the evidence against evolution got; the more a media war was waged against these, and thousands and thousands of others across the country. 

In short, the medias and science community were waging a marketing war against “anything Christian.”

So, it was at that seminar that I asked some of the top doctors to step back from their complicated (yet impressive) work-outs of DNA, cell function and the sort. I asked: “Let’s return to the basics.”

“On the other side, they are selling people on there being a monkey world, correct? I mean the other side believes the Planet of Apes movies were actual history? Right?”

“So,” I would continue, “that is a very large and unique claim. It seems to disagree with EVERY KNOWN THING on EARTH. What is their evidence for this?” 

Sometimes it is in the basics that your best case can be made. Just the simple things. 

These people have been pitching university students on a “monkey theory.” 

Now, this was in the haze of time the universities, thanks to Dr. Jack Horner, the technical advisor for the Jurassic Park movies, had gotten the science community in a pickle by releasing T-Rex blood and DNA in exchange for a million dollar grant. I don’t think Jack understood the implications of his find, but did wan the million bucks. 

Swiftly, many others would begin releasing dino DNA, and loose their careers for doing such. 

Mark Armitage, of the soft cells dinosaur project, was one of the men whose lives were destroyed in the “university carnage” for releasing “too much” soft dinosaur material — literally from several dozen different types of dinosaurs. And, his larger crime, publishing the data in science journals. He was swiftly fired for this. 

The dinosaurs were the glory claim for the evolution community. Which, mind you, never made much sense as the evolution theory required little things to evolve into larger, more complex things. Well, you only have a few handfuls of different type of dinosaur, and these creatures are enormous and extremely complex. 

So, the obvious question: What evolved to become a dinosaur? 

That simple question, at the time Jurassic was made, would have left any museum curator looking like a deer in headlights. 

Additionally, it is not just the dinosaurs, but whole arrays of creatures that are giant in the ancient world — and little bitty today. A de-evolution. 

So, this film was an attempt, cutting-edge in its hour, to present the fullness of that data being blocked by universities. And, further to bring that data, in a clean form to the common man, the university professor, and the student — for all to make up their own mind without science censorship. 

It was further one of many appeals, beginning with God in a Nutshell’s Theory of Everything, that science be a place for the “free share of ideas.” 

Moreover, that science by blocking data, particularly data that would tend to show massive elements of their theory of evolution was crumbling in high rate of speed, was actually damaging to science to bury that data — then to simply view it as exciting that we knew less than we thought about the nature of our world. 

The film was a lot of work in its time. It is an excellent film and we hope you enjoy it. It is a ride through a lot you might not know on dinosaurs, we hope you enjoy it. 

Trey Smith

Additionally, beneath I have placed a link for the film that draws from an unlisted page on Youtube. I did this so you have two sources on this pages for watching the film. 

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