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Lance Smith ~ World Class Sculptor, Biblical Researcher, Musician

Lance Smith is an avid Christian researcher, model maker, musician, and teacher of Bible studies in Springfeild MO. Lance’s sculptures range from the Smithsonian’s giant whales, to rides and characters for Disney, to the iceberg for the Titanic, and beyond.


Lance Smith took an interest in sculpting and art as far back high school, going to Southern Bible College in Houston Texas for music and art. At the age of 30, Lance started working for Gospel Publishing House drawing children’s curriculum.


Lance then started with Garage Graphics and Visuals in 2000. Additionally, Lance in his spare time has worked as a musician at many of the shows in Branson, MO.

Branson, MO has an entire main strip (often called a little Las Vegas) with comedy shows and tributes to legendary musicians ranging from Rick Derringer, to the Eagles, to John Denver, to the Beatles…. and beyond. Lance Smith is often known as the best John Denver tribute performance in Branson. Lance Smith began doing the Denver tribute by chance, and largely does it today as a volunteer in his spare time as benefit to Branson, and the surviving members of the John Denver’s band.

Since roughly 2000, Lance has made various museum pieces (such as the full size hanging whales for the Smithsonian), animation Marquettes for Hanna-Barbera (Flintstones characters)…. as well as… much of the unique pieces and signage in both the Bass Pro Shops and Cabellas…. just to name a few.

Lance Smith even made the giant iceberg for the titanic (the largest show museum in the world) on the main strip in Branson MO. Also, Lance Smith made recreation of the now debunked “Demon Fairy” for LA Marzulli.

Lance Smith’s work may also appear in some Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell documentaries.

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