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Libya Invites Turkish Troops

God in a Nutshell

Ezekiel 38:5 Persia, Ethiopia and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet…

These are Noah’s grandchildren. The sons of Ham by and large settled in Africa. Historical Put is a country that will join Russia, Turkey, Iran and others in their future invasion of Israel per the prophet Ezekiel.

Put or Phut means “a bow”; a nation and people of northern Africa; probably Libyans. –Strong’s Concordance. Consensus among researchers and scholars is noted that Put is modern day Libya.

The ultimate issue is oil and natural gas. Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa. Production is approximately 700,000 barrels per day. With political stability and safety, production could increase to 2,500,000 barrels per day.

Libya is also the main gateway to Europe for African immigrants. Six billion pounds a year are made in trading humans across the Mediterranean Sea. Italy is less than 300 miles away. Vladimir Putin looks to control the flow of immigration as a political tool against Europe.

Russian special forces have been in Libya since March of 2017. Russia supports General Khalifa Haftar of the Libyan National Army (LNA). General Haftar met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow in November 2016.

December 2019: Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) has requested Turkey’s military support. The GNA has the support of the United Nations.

President Recep Erdogan of Turkey intends to present legislation in early January 2020 to parliament.

“Since there is an invitation (from Libya) right now, we will accept it. We will present the motion to send troops as soon as Parliament resumes. God willing, we will pass it in Parliament on January 8-9 and thus respond to an invitation,” President Erdogan, Turkey.

Erdogan went on to further state the following.

“They are helping a warlord. We are responding to an invitation from the legitimate government of Libya. That is our difference.”

Map: Liveuamap Libya

Turkey’s potential military move into Libya only complicates the situation further. Turkey will be supporting Libya’s GNA. Russia will be supporting General Haftar’s LNA.

Is Libya on the cusp of being like the situation in Syria?

Ezekiel 38:1-3 The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, set your face toward Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him and say, Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.

Ezekiel 38:6 Gomer and all his hordes; Beth-Togarmah from the uttermost parts of the north with all his hordes—many peoples are with you.

The brothers of Magog (Meshech, Gomer, and Tubal) appear to point to modern day Turkey.

Russia and Turkey are aligning with political factions in Libya, just like Ezekiel said…