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Mideast Peace Activity Indicates Tribulation Proximity

Author: Diane Watt

Want to know our proximity to the Tribulation? Listen for the words “Israel” and “peace” in the same breath.

I’ve heard it so much I dream about it. And it’s not stopping. I’ll bet you $94 and a Starbucks at least seven thousand people across the globe utter the loaded words any given second.

Why do they indicate the Tribulation is near? Well first for those who only know Tribulation as a word that rhymes with altercation, let’s define: the Tribulation – or Trib – is the last seven years of life on Earth as we know it.

It’s marked by increasing natural disasters, wars, etc, and ends with Armageddon. The 1,000-year Millennial Reign follows it, but that’s a story for another day.

Back to Mideast peace. For those who, like me, are overwhelmed by recent developments, here’s a timeline:

  • Late December 2016: UN votes against Israeli West Bank expansion. This means the UN won’t bless Israel’s West Bank settlements.
    • The US doesn’t vote (it usually does.) The message to Israel is clear: you’re on your own.
  • Saturday, Jan 14th – Pope Francis meets with PA President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss Mideast peace agreement.

Pope Francis met with Palestinian leader Abbas to discuss peace agreement; photo courtesy Embrace the Middle East

  • Sunday, Jan 15th – 70 nations hammer over Israeli peace at Paris Peace Summit.
    • Goal was “rapid return to the negotiating table” with “peace uppermost in their mind”
    • Israel wasn’t present
    • PA President Abbas, who endorsed effort, was a no-show
  • Monday, Jan 16th – President-elect Trump appoints his Orthodox Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner to broker Mideast peace agreement, telling him “if you can’t do it, no one can.”
  • Tuesday, Jan 17th – Palestinians meet in Moscow and ultimately announce plans for a unified Palestinian gov’t. This is big news because it is necessary for a two-state solution with Israel.
  • Sunday, Jan 22nd – President Trump tells Israeli PM Netanyahu he plans to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
    • According to Palestinians this would damage the peace process as it validates Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – something the Palestinians have contested for decades.


This has been packed into the last few weeks, y’all. It’s enough to make me fall over. These developments have catapulted Mankind two giant leaps towards midnight on God’s clock.

And it’s creepy. Remember Trump’s man of the hour Kushner? Apparently he fought tooth and nail to keep his tower at 666 5th Avenue in Manhattan when facing financial turmoil. Why the creepy address? Why fight so hard to keep it when your money’s running out? What’s so special about that building?

Kushner owns 666 5th Ave NYC, which houses Lucent, the RFID chip manufacturer. Photo courtesy Wall Street Journal

I might have an answer. Apparently he leases a portion of the property to Lucent Technologies which manufacturers the RFID chip, a potential mark of the Beast technology.

Is it just me or should he consider moving? Or at least stop acting like the Antichrist? Can I get an amen?


All this is relevant because it’s ignited the Mideast peace process flames. A peace treaty – a sure result at some point – will affect every single person on Earth because it initiates the Tribulation (Daniel 9:27), the worst and last seven years of life as we know it. The seven-year countdown begins as soon as the treaty ink is dry.

With all this turmoil and controversy the need for Mideast peace seems even greater. The puzzle pieces are being moved into place. The storm clouds of a Noah-like flood are converging. Thankfully, you see them. Most don’t.

Which begs the question: are you ready for the Tribulation? One day soon history will intersect with destiny and its effects will reach everyone including you. The choice you’ve made concerning your salvation will determine your future. Have you been saved? Are you Christian? If not become one now. Friend, you do not want to be here during the Tribulation or worse yet, face eternity without Jesus.

Make your choice today, Friend. You may not have much longer.