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Nephilim: Easiest Breakdown of Nephilim & Nephilim Hybrid Skulls on the Internet

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The Actual Peruvian Giant “Nephilim” Skull above is NOT like a normal human skull in more ways than just the obvious size difference. Often (but not always as some skulls have a variety of other types of anomalies) these strange human-like skulls DO NOT have two Parietal Plates seamed together by a suture line as a normal human skull. Instead, they have one large “skull cap” with ZERO hint of a suture line. This means that the actual head (skull) of the creature fits together differently than a regular human head ~ genetically it is constructed differently.

Suture Lines DO NOT disappear over time, In fact, they become more and more defined.

Note on Hybrid Heads, Nephilim Skulls and Tribesman Head-Binding

On websites such as Wikipedia they will claim elongated skulls are done by head-binding. And, this is true for most elongated skulls found. However, some of the skulls ~ most often ancient royalty, kings, princes & religious occult priests ~ cannot  be explained by simple head-binding (like the example above). Many working in the field doing archeology and research with the strange skulls (of both types) feel that the local cultures were trying to copy their “gods” and kings with these practices of head-binding.


An adult male “Nephilim” skull that got much attention when first discovered is shown above. The strange skull shown in the photograph is real.


Ancient Map and simple explanation of Nephilim origins and spreading ~ first from heavy occult in the fertile crescent, reaching ultimately into the most remote regions of the globe.

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Above is actual Ancient Sumerian artwork of the “Dimensional” Enki (Satan / Lucifer) being summonsed to enter directly following the Global Flood as is extensively recorded by the Ancient Sumerians. The Enki goes by many names in ancient texts from culture to culture ~ Zeus for the Greeks, Jupiter, Ra for the Egyptians, or ISIS (the female counterpart)…… Etc…. Etc….. Etc…… Just as Satan when depicted as the Baphomet is both Male and Female (Dark god and goddess wrapped up in one). The Enki also has his (its) counterpart named, Enlil.

The arrows follow (as a rough sketch) the spread of these genetic offspring (Nephilim or “Seed of the Serpent”) as is recorded by the cultures in a variety of similar versions & legends. These legends appear to correspond quite perfectly with the biological oddities we find (From Giants, to Elongated Heads, Etc….), as well as the seeming spread of similar Megalithic structures & Temples, and also the spread of ”Wisdom Serpent” worship found in every ancient culture (in some form) on Earth…….

Alexander the Great: Claimed by his mother born from her night with a dimensional reptile.

In fact, Alexander the Great, who made unusual victories even when the underdog (such as his defeat of the Persian Empire) was said by his own mother  to have not been the offspring of his claimed father (King Philip ~ the one-Eyed); but rather, that she had slept with the serpent (in one record) or Zeus (in another record) who had come to her from another Realm and she birthed Alexander. Alexander the Great is credited with conquering 90% of the known world just before his death & around his 33 birthday.



Egypt to South America ~ similarities in Gold Masks for Royalty


Egypt to South America ~ similarities in Megalithic Pyramids, Temples & Ritual sites


Egypt to South America ~ similarities in Strange “Nephilim” Heads.



Nephilim Children of Peru



Nephilim Children of Peru

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Strange long-headed / Large-Eyed “Humanoid” Children (Like their Adult / parent counterparts) already have these strange features. Though most elongated skulls
are easily identifiable as basic head-binding (as if the local cultures were trying to reproduce the features of their Dark Temple Priests, Kings, Royalty & “gods”) some, like the one above, are not so easy to explain.

Since these “Strange” traits are already on the children (looking naturally formed), it is hard to argue this done by head-binding. Also, since the traits are seen in a variety
of these royal children, it would also be hard to argue it was merely a random genetic mutation / Defect.



Nephilim Children of Peru

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These Strange Children are found around megalithic temple sites, ritual human sacrifice sites & pyramids in the Americas (South America, Mexico, Peru, Etc….). Many of these strange human-like beings and giant Pyramids & Temples are believed to pre-date the local cultures that moved in later. These sites are believed over 1,500 years old (perhaps older) likely originally coming from Egypt, Mesopotamia & the Fertile Crescent (2500 – 2000 BC).


Nephilim Children of Peru

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Above is another strange child recently found in South America. According to the book of Genesis, these creatures (Nephilim) were present before & after the Global Flood. Nephilim means “Fallen Ones” which are the product of Fallen Angels (Dimensional Entities) and man. Nephilim can be giants, or an array of other (sometimes even Monstrous) humanoid beings. Nephilim are literally creatures genetically made from man. Every culture  on Earth (particularly the Darkest & most occultic) have records of summoning Entities in ~ the Entities in these texts and legends ALWAYS have a sexual interest, most commonly these records (such as in our Earliest Civilizations of Egypt & Sumeria) will include the  production of part man / part “god” offspring following the summoning of such beings.
Genetic testing (such as that recently done by Brien Foerster and others now around the globe) appears to show that the genetics of these strange humanoid creatures found from South America to the sands and temples of Ancient Egypt & Sumeria have human genetics combined with “anomalies” ~ thus the strange appearance.


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