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Noah: Global Flood Proven Fact

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Noah's Flood: The day that changed everything

Well–the evidence for Noah’s Flood happens to be the ENTIRE EARTH surface itself…… and EVERY FOSSIL within. So, in terms of “evidence” <—- you really don’t get any bigger than that.

Noah's Flood: The day that changed everything

Noah’s Flood: The day that changed everything


Noah: The JourNey BeGins and ENds — Full Youtube Quality video beneath.

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Noah’s Ark: Can all the Animals Fit? Yes……. They fit with lots of room left over. 


Noah: The Movie, Full Documentary, 3 1/2 Hour DVD, Click Here.

Noah: Own the DVD today

Noah: Own the DVD today

Noah: The Movie, Full Documentary, 3 1/2 Hour DVD, Click Here.

Genesis is Science fact

Noah’s Ark and Genesis ( the Book of Genes~Is): What do we know in Genetics….. Other than that it is digital software which is writing conscious biological entities (humans and the machinery of the body) into this non-random reality from scratch?

Mitochondrial Eve

Noah’s Flood: Dating Methods.

The Evolutionism cocktail contraption junk of Carbon Dating, Radiometric Dating, and Potassium Argon Dating (which spit out dates everywhere, like testing a precision electronic circuit board with a stick of lit dynamite) VS. Empirical evidence & testing such as observable Helium diffusion from Zircons under the Earth.

Dating Methods

Noah:  The Global Flood is Science FACT.

Sumerian King's List: Flood Date

Genesis — No the Flood account is NOT based on the Sumerian or Egyptian Flood account.

Sumerian King's List: Flood Date

These cultures covered the global flood because they (or their ancestors) survived it. The Hebrew Texts cover the flood with scientific precision. Also, Enoch is a text that comes from before the flood. Though the Hebrews didn’t technically exist yet — Enoch is a text that was (would have been) treasured by the bloodline leading through Noah, to Shem, Melchizedek, Abraham, all the way to John the Baptist……

Sumerian King's List: Flood Date

Enoch is NOT a rambling pagan text, or sloppy flood account. It is hair-raising precision.

The first thing one realizes when beginning to investigate the realities behind the global flood — is that though there is a precision account in the Hebrew texts (Genesis, the Book of Origins) — there are texts and legends that speak of a global flood (Noah’s Flood), and a “Great Tower” that was built afterwards, that come from all across even the furthest remote regions of the globe…… Culminating like a hot spot, a big “red X”, a literal target that marks ground zero in the areas of the Fertile Crescent….. The Cradle of all Civilization……

Noah's Ark: All legends lead to the same place.

And, one might ask, if you have all these global flood account: What makes the ancient Biblical record the correct, most precisely reliable and most accurate one?

The answer to this can be approached in a variety of ways……

Noah and Lord Arrata

First, when dealing with occult texts (like the Sumerian or Egyptian texts for example) the accounts can literally change from temple to temple (even in the same time period). The Hebrew texts certainly do NOT do this.

In fact, both historians and scholars are often mezmorized by the precision and detail preserved through-out the ages, and even under the hands of “less-than-noble” men over time….. The Dead Sea Scroll discovery is merely one modern example of this preserved precision in both the historical records (which match tit-for-tat with, at this point, pretty much every archaeological site Biblically referenced), and also, the prophetic texts (which match tit-for-tat with 100% accuracy with historical events they cover in advance <—– we’ll cover that more as the God in a Nutshell site expands).


Rivers prove Noah's Flood

The Hebrews (modern Israelis) believe and claim that the Torah (particularly Genesis <—- NOTE: which is the most attacked book by the academic community) was given to Moses not sentence by sentence, but rather, letter by letter.

Rivers prove Noah's Flood

The Flood account in Genesis is NOT based on the pagan texts — and there is no set of text on Earth that have the mathematical and scientific anomalies (precision design) as the books of the Torah…. the first book being Genesis.

As a now famous example are the Hebrew names of the 10 patriarchs before the flood. Just like the Zodiac in the stars, these names — written in the most enigmatic language on Earth (Hebrew, the tongue of angels and men) — tell the Biblical story.

Strata and fossils prove flood

The Global Flood is science FACT. But, the video beneath covers the lies, the betrayal, the occult, and everything from heaven to hell in-between.

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Enjoy Noah,

by Trey Smith and the God in a Nutshell project


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