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Rev. Don Jeffrey



Rev. Don Jeffrey

Rev.  Don Jeffrey grew up in New Jersey where he made the martial arts a life-long study, earning himself several 10th degree black (Red) belts.  A former PADI certified Rescue Diver, He served Twenty five (25) years with a New Jersey Police Department , twenty one years in Patrol and four as a Detective.

During that time he also served on the departments SWAT Team as perimeter and entry team roles. As well as an instructor at the county police academy.

In his twenty one years as a “Street Cop” Rev. Jeffrey’s job brought him to many individuals in need of counseling which needed to be done right then and there. Rev. Jeffrey builds upon this along with his Christian education and offers counseling  for troubled individuals.  Note: Rev. Jeffrey does not have a degree in counseling, just street smarts with a Christian outlook. This in it’s self is a rare combination.

It should also be noted that Rev. Jeffrey  was involved in a motor vehicle accident over twenty (20) years ago that resulted in  three (3) spinal surgeries.  He understands your pain…..

After retiring and moving to Arizona,  Don Jeffrey  served a year and a half as a member of the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office “Cold Case Posse”. Joseph Arpaio, Sheriff.  Where he worked directly under and with Commander Michael Zullo in the background investigation of Barack Husain Obama.  This eventually lead him through five states and as a guest on two radio shows about the investigation.

Don Jeffrey

The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ is founded by Rev. Don Jeffery.   Don Jeffrey fought crime most of his whole life and now, he fights demons !

During that time, he interviewed several private investigators who have been  looking  into the Presidents background.  Several  of these investigators would always have trouble with their computers while in the middle of their investigation.

Rev. Jeffrey also began having problems. One investigator suggested that he pray prior to starting  the investigation each day. Rev. Don Jeffrey found  it worked!   This was Don Jeffrey’s first encounter with “Spiritual Warfare”.


Upon Rev. Jeffrey first retiring to Arizona,  Being a Lutheran, he and his wife  found a  Lutheran Church to attend.  However, after about a year of attending, it was discovered that the Church Elders were not disseminating important information, thus leaving the congregation in the dark most if not all of the time.

He and his wife switched to a Non-denominational Church which required a full immersion Baptism. Upon receiving same, over the next three weeks, Rev. Jeffrey felt the Holy Spirit come over / in him and he received the calling for Deliverance Ministry.

He entered the Christian Leaders institute  where he earned a Diploma of Ministry and received a full Ordination. During this time, he was also accepted under the tutelage of a deliverance minister where he received his training.

Reverend Jeffrey fought crime most of his whole life. Now, he fights demons !  Thus he founded “The  Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ.

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