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The Book of Enoch Like You’ve Never Seen It Before . . .

We're Thrilled to Present Our Very own Edition of the Book of Enoch!

book of enoch flipbook | digital download

For years, those who are well-versed in Trey’s material have heard him talk about the The Book of Enoch and quote from it rather extensively.  It’s been the subject of more than one documentary even.  But at long last, we released our God In A Nutshell edition of Enoch and . . . well . . . we’re inclined to believe it’s something truly special.

This God In A Nutshell presentation of The Book of Enoch is not just a reprint of a classic work but is a veritable feast for the senses, purposed towards not just sharing the text with the reader, but drawing the reader in and immersing them in the world of Enoch in ways they have likely never experienced before.

This Flipbook edition of Enoch is an animated, interactive eBook—and as such is greatly enhanced from your generic eBook from Kindle or similar services. Atmospheric aesthetics, clickable links, background music, and beautifully animated page-turning complete with sound effects bring this book to life on digital screens beautifully and immersively.  Making it as close to “the real thing” as current technology allows.

As such, Flipbooks offer more than a solid alternative to holding the hard copies of the book in the palm of your hands. They are an entirely new experience to be had for even those who already own physical copies, as there are things you can do with a Flipbook edition that you can’t do with a hard copy.  Flipbooks are not merely a digital replacement for hard-copy books, they offer a whole new way to experience and engage with the material, and because of their digital format, are actually very conducive to fluid and efficient studying on the go, enabling the reader to access an entire library in the palm of their hands.

So what makes our edition special? See for yourself!

Want it for your library?

If you’re already a member of the Partner’s Program, you have free read online access to this book, along with all of our other books. But if would like to own your own digital copy to use at your leisure whenever and wherever you want, we’d encourage you to purchase the digital download available in a variety of formats.

So What's Next?

As of right now, our next big book project is a God In A Nutshell edition of the Book of Jasher.  With Exodus Part 1: The Rise of Joseph on the verge of being released, we want to get our edition of Jasher out to correspond with it as quickly as possible.

It’s a little early to show previews of it just yet, but suffice it to say, it will be every bit as unique and special as our edition of Enoch. 

Once this is done however, we want to release a hard copy edition of The Book of Enoch as well, so be on the lookout for updates on this.

This has been the plan all along, but these things take time, and it just hasn’t been our top priority with all of the film projects going on. Look for it to be released some time after our edition of Jasher hits the shelves.

Although we’re very pleased with this first edition of the Enoch we’ve had a lot of ideas for how to make it even better since its release, so the hard copy edition will likely be expanded and revised a bit from this edition currently available.