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Top Youtube Revelation Prophecy Watcher give “Entities” BIG thumbs up

Scottie Clarke says Trey Smith Entities was “…the Bomb!”


Scottie Clarke has made breakdowns of the Book of Revelation for many years on Youtube. Many of his videos pulling the interest of hundreds of thousands to stuScottie Clarke: ERF ministriesdy and research deeper the pages of prophecy. Scottie describes himself an investigator of God’s Word who fells his heart was drawn to focus on the book of Revelation Chapter 12.

Although there are many theological debates on the times and seasons of the End Times….. None could argue that much is learned rapidly about both the stars and the Book of Revelation during the watching of a Scottie Clarke youtube presentation (whether one agrees -on-every point & theory or not).

Scottie Clarke: ERF ministries: Youtube Scottie Clarke / ERF

Scottie Clarke recently posted strong reviews of Entities the Unveiling, and also the entire set of God in a Nutshell documentaries.

Infact, many from around the globe — from Egypt, to Africa, to Australia, to New Zealand, to Europe…. and beyond often seem to post pictures online of their own “Everything collections” and “Entities Unveiling collections“.


Photos of God in a Nutshell Collections. To get the documentaries, click here.

We would love also to see these DVDs (any of them) held up in amazing photos / backgrounds…..

God bless all of you…

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