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“Treasure Hunter”: Secret Nazi Base Re-Discovered In Arctic

Author: Zebulon Rogersdead-sea-scrolls-unwrapped

A secret nazi military base has been discovered on the island of Alexandra Land in the Arctic, according to a report by the Russian Arctic National Park, where roughly 500 WWII artifacts were cataloged for study and archiving, with plans to put them on public display, says senior researcher Evgeny Its existence was held in dispute for over 70 years until it was rediscovered by a group of Russian researchers who “stumbled” upon the abandoned facility this past summer, where it is said that the scientists stationed there had succumbed to food poisoning after eating infected polar bear meat during a time of meager rations. “Now we can enter this data in the scientific revolution, and, referring to the evidence, to expand and clarify the idea of the German army operations in the Arctic region during the Second World War”, says researcher Eugene Yermolov.

Although the real story sees these scientists airlifted safely to Norway to fulfill their scientific endeavors, history suggests there was perhaps a deeper purpose to the base.


Alexandra Land. Image courtesy Google Earth.

The name of the site known as “Schatzgraber” or “Treasure Hunter” has led many to believe that the now-defunct weather station was used as a base of operations for the recovery or storage of lost relics. It’s certainly no secret that Heinrich Himmler founded the Ahnenerbe in 1935 to recover relics belonging to the ancient Aryan race referred to in Genesis 3:15 as the seed of satan, a belief which formed the basis of the nazi “master race” religion that led to the Jewish Holocaust and the deaths of untold millions deemed by the Third Reich as genetically tainted.


Old batteries found near reserve base at Cape Nimrod. Image courtesy Russian Arctic National Park.

Though the only relics discovered so far are non-mystical in nature, it is of particular note that the station lies in proximity to a reserve base at Cape Nimrod, whose obvious namesake was the first type of the anti-Christ named in scripture and the first gibborim or “mighty one” of the post-flood era. Trey Smith’s documentaries Nephilim and Noah below expound on this fact in great detail.

The base is currently slated to be the site of a new Russian compound whose purpose will likely not be fully disclosed to the public.