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Twin Towers of Horus and Pentagon of Hathor (Ancient Egypt Reborn Series.) pt. 2

Written by Angel Ward

Source: Fair use of The Pentagon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia( Pentagon January 2008.jpg)

Source: Fair use of The Pentagon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia( Pentagon January 2008.jpg)

What about the pentagon? The 5-rayed star was everything to Ancient Egypt. It is in nearly every tomb, it’s how they drew stars. Why 5? When you look through any pain of glass, a lenses, of sorts there are always 6 beams of light, never 5. It doesn’t mesh. Just like the “5 pillars” term you hear. If there were 5 pillars on a building, wouldn’t you smack right into one on the middle? Odd numbers are praised as the most positive and the highest desired among numerologists, but odd numbers are in fact…. Odd. So why 5? Why did we have a pentagon? There is absolutely no good reason for the shape of that building other than symbolism. I believe it was to wake up the ancient god Osiris/Orion. According to the facts at hand, it may be representative of Isis or Hathor. I will go into detail later on how our flags, regions and even military are nearly identical in many ways to that of Ancient Egypt. It doesn’t take much effort to find 5-rayed stars and twin pillars all over Freemasonry art work and in their lodges.

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To be honest, the Freemasons are almost the least of our worries, I would be more concerned about the many hermetic brotherhoods that don’t flaunt their organization on the back of their pickup trucks! There are much more serious groups such as the Rosicrucian’s and many more. Look at the 1820 sketch, clearly see twin towers and a 5 pointed star in the middle. With its obvious link, why has no one openly investigated this connection other than conspiracy theorists? It’s like a paper trail all the way back to Hermetism. They flaunt it in front of us and then shrug their shoulders, playing dumb. The orders within orders are responsible or they were openly threatened by the attack. We also forget there are many other secret brotherhoods around the globe that do not share the same values as hermetics but long to take over their strongholds. Yes, we have all seen plenty of evidence of an inside job, but there are also very real enemies who celebrated our loss, and had been planning it for decades in Berlin and elsewhere. I truly think it was both. Terrorists were aided aware or unaware by inside people who used the tragedy to their advantage. Consider the documentary that showed the buildings attacked were owned by a Jewish American, who massively increased his insurance the year before and became wealthier off of the fall of the towers and 3rd building. It’s also a point to take note that Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel (yes it actually existed before WWII) as well as Ancient Greece were what I call a 3-fold entity, tightly woven like a braid not easily broken. That is why you will see these cultures mirror each other constantly when studying archeology.

Source: Fair use of Courtesy of Supreme Council of A via NBC News/

Source: Fair use of Courtesy of Supreme Council of A via NBC News/

First off, with the revival of goddess worship you will find the 5-rayed star more associated with the Star of Isis or the star Sirius. Most stars were drawn with 5 points in Ancient Egypt. Just look at all of the detailed painted tombs. These 5-rayed stars were called the followers of Osiris. “The stars were called the “Followers of Osiris and represented the souls in the underworld. The five-pointed star within a circle was the Egyptian symbol of the Duat.” ( source:

Another note I find interesting is a Freemason statement that their star is not to be confused with the 5-rayed star though it has 5 points. They also go into mentioning the idolatry of stars being wrong, and vast in Ancient times. That is why it was strictly forbidden for the Ancient Jews to have anything to do with it. In the beginning, it was said the Sun, Moon and Stars govern, throughout the bible the stars and constellations are echoed, from actually naming them to the virgin birth of the Lion of Judah (Virgo and Leo). The key fact wise men knew, Solomon knew, Joseph knew, Daniel knew is… these celestial beings govern, they do not RULE. Here is a brief quote from the Masonic website that mentioned this “Egyptian Idolatry:  This idolatry was early learned by the Israelites from their Egyptian taskmasters; and so unwilling were they to abandon it, that Moses found it necessary strictly to forbid the worship of anything “that is in heaven above”; notwithstanding which we find the Jews repeatedly committing the sin which had been so expressly forbidden. “ (

Source: Fair use; Sirius - Astronomy, Mythology, Pseudoscience - Crystalinks

Source: Fair use; Sirius – Astronomy, Mythology, Pseudoscience – Crystalinks

Here is where things get a bit… sticky? So, Sirius, the 5-rayed star, that is ever popular, or the Dog Star, has a specific connection to the two towers, how? “But ancient Egypt provides the most regal history for Sirius.  Initially, it was Hathor, the great mother goddess, who was identified with Sirius.  But Isis soon became the major archetype, sharing honors with the title of Sirius as the Nile Star.  An icon of Sirius as a five-pointed star (shades of the Golden Mean) has been found on the walls of the famous Temple of Isis/Hathor at Denderah.  [The latter is possibly well connected to the Starfire of Laurence Gardner’s research.  See, in particular, Gardner’s book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, HarperCollins, London, 2003; for some good stuff on Hathor and Denderah.]” ( source:

Hathor at Denderah and Horus’s temple at Edfu reflect back and forth to form a nice little union. One obviously, replayed right here in this country for years, without anyone noticing, that is… until 911. Which would have been exactly 1 day after the dedication of Horus’s temple that was on 9-10. Just read this quote to get an understanding how the 5-rayed star/Sirius (Hathor) and the Twin Towers (Horus) are combined:

“The main building, which includes a great Hypostyle Hall, was uncovered by Mariette in the 1860s. There are numerous reliefs, including a depiction of the Feast of the Beautiful Meeting, the annual reunion between Horus and his wife Hathor. The reliefs are mostly situated on the inside of the first pylon, and spiritually connect this temple with Hathors Temple at the Dendera complex. During the third month of summer, the priests at the Dendera complex would place the statue of Hathor on her barque (a ceremonial barge) and would thus bring the statue to the Edfu Temple, where it was believed that Horus and Hathor shared a conjugal visit. Each night, the god and goddess would retire to the mamissi, or berthing house. There is still an entrance colonnade to the mamissi, and reliefs with considerable remaining color just outside the main temple. These images portray the ritual of the birth of Harsomtus, son of Horus and Hathor.”(

Read more: there some sort of Union? Is there a relation to Hathor and Horus in the attacks of September the 11th? You may or may not be convinced but this is just a portion of all we have replayed of Ancient Egypt here in the US. Was the attack a sacrifice or a blood feud between rivaling secret brotherhoods? A big “I know who you are” by attacking the key symbols in this country?


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Angel has been studying Egyptology from the age of 14, now 35 she has picked up on many things scientists and Archeologists would not openly speak about. She is devoted to Jesus Christ and the Lord, while using her talents to expose misconceptions, secrets and mysteries found within God’s Word as well as the mysteries written into the very codes of life hidden all-around of us. She has overcome abuse, depression and being rejected for being an Empath. She turned 1 on her death bed in a Hospital in Southern Louisiana, a pure Miracle saved her life. Because she was so close to death, the veil is thinner for her and she can feel, sense and is aware of more than most people. Angel saw a ghost at the age of 8 living in New Orleans, and has had a few supernatural experiences throughout her life. Due to depression and self-harm as a young teen, she opened the doorways to demonic attack and was tormented for years in Astral by force, and the only thing that saved her was the name of Jesus Christ. She is a believer not just because she was raised in it, but because she experienced that Jesus’ saves and His name causes demons to flee. She spent her early Childhood in Southern Louisiana, yet most of her life she’s lived all over Texas, from the desert in Midland to the Houston/Galveston area. She started writing in 5th grade in honor of her only fellow lefty who was in the family, her Uncle who was killed while stationed in Germany in the early 70s just days before he was to be sent home. He was known for his sense of humor, heroism and writing. He was a poet, so Angel tried poetry inspired by him and hasn’t stopped since. She has been a freelance writer and was at one time a tour guide for a little ghost touring company on Galveston Island. It was a family friendly tour rich in history about an island that has seen more death than most places in the US. While guiding tours she heard many firsthand accounts by amazing tourist from all over the world who have had experiences with the paranormal. Some inspirational, some downright scary. She has learned that there is truly a spiritual battle everywhere, all of the time. Angels and Demons, heavenly beings and dark entities. She suggests to never dabble in the unknown, only walk the path led by your Maker, and unless you have the gift of the discernment of Spirits, whatever you do, don’t invite them in.