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University Madness

Author: Guy Micholic

It’s no secret that Trump Supporting college students are being targeted by staff and students alike in many of our institutions of higher learning. Most recently, professors (Robin Hackett and Siobhan Senier) in the Women’s Studies Department at the University of New Hampshire are calling for the expulsion of two students who dared to express an opinion that differs from their own. Immediately they called upon hordes of brainwashed minions to serve as pawns in their ongoing battle for the minds of our youth. Writing scathing retorts complete with instructions to facilitate punishment, the professors went into attack mode. In my opinion this reaction is a bit severe considering the nature of the supposed offense. The students are accused of wearing Harambe and Richard Nixon costumes to an anti-Trump rally.


“Time to call for an investigation leading to the expulsion of these students,” said Robin Hackett, an associate professor of English, before listing the names of several administrators, giving students a target to aim at and quickly direct their complaints.


Meanwhile, English professor and faculty member of the Women’s Study Program Siobhan Senier, simultaneously pursued with an attack of her own. In a drafted letter to UNH president, she touted the long list of unsubstantiated accusations against the President Elect, using them as justification for the fear and outrage over this otherwise “trivial and humorous event”.


Blathering on in the letter she said “Somebody knows who these students are, who dressed as Nixon and Harambe. And whatever their intent, it seems that a conversation with them is in order”. Given the volatile nature of current college campus environment, if I were a student, I would interpret these words as a threat. Yet she goes on about the fear and intimidation anti-Trump protesters experience as a result of seeing these costumes displayed.


Yet another faculty member Molly Cambell, complained of the American flag being displayed by counter protesters. Her statement sums up the ridiculous nature of their argument. Quote “There was a huge truck waving American and Trump flags driving back and forth blaring it’s horn. Nixon was throwing pacifiers at the crowd”.


I am both amused and alarmed at this chain of events. University faculty members should not be allowed to engage in practice of political persuasion or social engineering, period. It does nothing but encourage division among the future leaders of or nation. The end result is a weaken mass of humanity, rendered incapable of thinking for themselves. But on a positive note, I have to commend the counter protesters for their courage, creativity and sense of humor.


Isaiah 5:[20] Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!