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2024: The “Uncut” Prediction

2024 "Uncut" Prediction makes predictions of the 2024. It is anticipated to be one of the most unusual years in US and world history. Enjoy the ride.

This is a film giving predictions for the year of 2024. Join Trey Smith as he takes a deep dive into some of the speculations and predictions about things to come in this most unusual year of 2024.

Analyzing current events through the lens of Biblical history recorded in the book of Isaiah, Trey uses these historical events as a backdrop for the analysis of prophecies of Kim Clement.  He also delves into numerology, the gematria and Hebrew meanings affiliated with the year of 2024—tying all of these threads of thought together into a compelling and thought-provoking presentation that we hope will encourage the viewer to wonder anew at what the sovereign God of the universe has done, is doing, and is yet to bring to fruition in the unfolding of human events in our time.

2024: The Prediction is unlike any prophecy and current events films you have seen thus far.  This uncut version features almost 20 more minutes of content than the YouTube release, and is available exclusively for Partners.

Music in this documentary composed by: Trevor Demaere   / trevor.demaere  

This documentary film is dedicated to Jesus Christ.

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