Great Reset,Prophecy,Last Prophecy

The Last Prophecy

The Last Prophecy is a documentary about the prophecies surrounding Donald Trump, and the Great Reset. This film analyzes the "last prophecies" given by Kim Clement. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime that will affect each and every life on this Earth. In this thrilling 2.5 hour long journey,...

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Mark of the Beast: Plan B

The Mark of the Beast: Plan B | Run-time: 59 minutes The Mark of the Beast, in Biblical scripture, is a mark—put on the hand or the forehead—without which one cannot buy or sell. The passage about the Mark of the Beast, as well as the number 666, comes directly from...

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Brian Stelter

CNN: The Prophecy of Trump

CNN: The Prophecy of Trump | 29 minutes Brian Stelter vs. Donald Trump This short video was originally intended to be more of a lighthearted and comedic approach to some heavy, heavy issues in the United States, and in prophecy. However, it may easily have become one of the more powerful presentations...

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Trump Prophecy

Prophecy of Trump: The Coming Landslide

Trump Prophecy: The Coming Landslide | Run-time: 1 hour, 1 minute The original Trump Prophecy film by Trey Smith. This film was made prior to the first election of Donald Trump in 2016. Moreover, it was first released on YouTube prior to Trump even being declared the Republican nominee. And, it...

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Hillary: Queen of the Flies

Hillary: Queen of the Flies | Run-time: 30 minutes Election fraud, election rigging, and poll rigging, particularly since inception of electronic voting machines has been more rampant than most realize. Of course, it is highly speculated (believed) that Hillary Clinton could / would seek election rigging through this -- and a...

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2020 riots

Riots 2020: The Meaning

Riots 2020: The Meaning | Run-time: 1 hour and 49 minutes This documentary on the Riots of 2020 is roughly one hour and 45 minutes of street interviews, and actual footage by God in a Nutshell from the heart of the madness. The documentary was filmed literally during the riots, protests and looting...

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George Washington Prophecy 1777

George Washington and the Prophecy of 1777

George Washington and the Prophecy of 1777 | Run-time: 28 minutes George Washington received a vision of America from an angel at Valley Forge in the Winter of 1777. The weather over that winter was brutal, and thousands of soldiers tried to endure disease, malnutrition, and exposure ~ more than...

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