The Hauntings Film

"The Hauntings" is a 2 hour and 9 minute journey into the world of the supernatural. In this film Trey Smith visits sites from both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. In Nashville Tennessee, we will examine the sites of Andrew Jackson's home, The Hermitage, the Carter House, and...

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the frequency thumbnail

The Frequency (Uncut)

Join Trey Smith and Robert Agee on a journey into the world of energy and holistic frequencies, or healing frequencies. In his customary fashion, Trey offers compelling analysis of this incredible phenomenon and delves into the concepts of demonic possession, and its connection to dark frequencies. Quotes from the...

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dark cube thumbnail landscape

The Dark Cube

Hitler and the Nazi's had 664 Dark Cubes, two short of 666, in an effort to make an atomic weapon. This film is about those 664 Dark Cubes. Music in this documentary is from: Trevor Demaere  

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