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What is Grace?

Author:Maria Azcapri

Having the mind of Yahshua (Jesus)-

Article based in LA SHONE HA QODESH QADDAM, by Alan Horvath

We are told that we have been saved by grace, through faith.

If I were to ask you, what is Grace, how would you answer me? Would you say, favor? Then, what is favor? Would you say, the unmerited favor of God toward man? Would you make a revision of all Scriptures to analyze each and all references about it in there, so you can then, have an approximate descriptive meaning? Could it be, a blessing of God by His Spirit, maybe, salvation, or a free gift?

What does it mean, “My Grace is sufficient for you” or “We stand by Grace”?

How can we grow in Grace, when we do not really understand, The meaning of the word?

In this whole, there is a line that divides it into two ways, the ways of the world and, The Way.

One vertex, two aims, two mindsets. You can base your mindset on abstract ideas, where attention in given to the form, you must understand, in order to do. So then, Grace is as abstract, as kindness, and, we stand where we started.

Or, you can base your mindset on concrete ideas, where attention is given to the function, you must do, in order to understand. This is The Mindset of Yahshua (Jesus).

See, God had His own way of comunicating His Word to us, and even that has been perverted… For instance, there wouldn’t be a place for the JW’s to arise, if the description tittle of Elohim “God” would’ve not been removed, because you see, termination “im” means we are talking about a plural word. “In the beginning, Elohim created the shamayim” (Heavens, which by the way, is also a plural word “im”) Gn 1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim” John 1:1

This language, which is the language in which the Scriptures were written and inspired, as that was the language they spoke. They were Hebrews, not Greeks… Why do we pronounce His name from the Greek and not from the Hebrew? I will never understand… You do not want to google traductor the meaning of Ie sus in Latin. The letter “J” did not exist, until centuries after, but that, is another topic.

So, the first Alephato, group of signs (ot) was a pictographic one, where you have a sign (letter), a description pic, and a numeric value. The Otiot.

It does help greatly to understand and to switch, to Yahshua’s mindset.

As per the question, what is Grace, let’s see if His signs help us having a better understanding, so we can also explain clearly to others, when we share His word.

Grace is written Chet, Nun and Hey, remember Hebrew is written from right to left. If you want to check its meaning, it comes with its number of Bible concordance as well.


According to His language, Grace is, To protect and surround, His seed (Children), teaching them through revelation. Indeed, Grace is not an abstract term! It means The protection He gives to His children, when we turn to Him, when we have hunger for His teaching, through His Word, through His spirit, through our praise.