About God in a Nutshell

The God in a Nutshell project was founded by Trey Smith.

We do documentaries and films primarily on Biblical, Science or Archaeological subjects.

Many of the films have covered controversial subjects in a way that appealed even to the most die-hard skeptics.

Truth is in the Journey

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

~Trey Smith

Truth is in the Journey!

About God in a Nutshell project

God in a Nutshell makes full length documentary films.

One of the first films made by God in a Nutshell was titled: Theory of Everything.

The premise of the documentary was to demonstrate that God could be shown in all of the major sciences. Additionally, that current theories of the time, such as evolution, were well past the point of disproven.

In the past roughly decade, God in a Nutshell has tackled many topics of this type — ranging from politics, to prophecy, to archaeology.