Jurassic: Dinosaurs Are Young.

Jurassic: Dinosaurs Are Young. ALL of Them.

You will NEVER see Dinosaurs the same after this mind-blowing film from Trey Smith and the late, great, Bob Enyart. We'll take a journey into the genetics of dinosaurs, and absolute proof that dinosaurs are YOUNG, and lived side-by-side with man. Jurassic: Dinosaurs Are Young puts the debate about dinosaurs to rest once and for all!

Jurassic Dinosaurs Are Young


Jurassic: Dinosaurs Are Young . . . ALL of Them | Run-time: 2 hours and 19 minutes

This documentary includes interviews with:

Mark Armitage (Fired from Cal State for releasing Jurassic data from a triceratops proving dinosaurs are young.) UPDATE: A legal victory was won regarding the young Jurassic dinosaur tissue that Mark Armitage was fired for discovering—and publicly disclosing. Armitage won $500,000.00. Mark Armitage, in numerous videos with Trey Smith during the legal case (also addressing CAL State University,) had demonstrated that Triceratops dinosaurs (and now many other dinosaurs from the Jurassic period) were all proven biologically young.

Dr. Aaron Judkins (Man vs. Archaeology and Finding Noah)

Dr. Walt Brown (Hydroplate Theory)

Dr. David Menton (Anatomist from Answers in Genesis)

Belinda LaCoste (Owns 85,000 acre Colorado Dinosaur Rich Ranch)


Jack Horner — Jurassic Park Technical Advisor, man who, 30 yrs ago started, the evolution add-on theory that dinosaurs turned into birds <—- which is disproven in this video.


Richard Dawkins close friend and media buddy — the hardcore atheist Lawrence Krauss . . . gets slapped around badly, badly, badly with his own science by Bob Enyart in debate. That alone makes Jurassic: Dinosaurs Are Young worth the watch.

In that day the Lord will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent,
With His fierce and great and mighty sword,
Even Leviathan the twisted serpent;
And He will kill the dragon who lives in the sea.
+++ Isaiah 27:1 +++

ALL glory goes to God alone. 

This film is dedicated to the memory of the late great defender of the faith, Bob Enyart —  Who since the production of this film has gone on to his eternal reward and joined the ranks of the Church Triumphant.
A man who was not just a courageous warrior for Christ’s Kingdom whose work impacted the lives of countless people, but who was also a friend of Trey Smith’s.
May God use this film to bless and touch the lives of each and every one of you on the other side of the screen.  And may the people of God be inspired by his legacy to endeavor still greater works of faith against the strongholds of evil in our time.  

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Jurassic Dinosaurs Are Young


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