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Belinda LaCoste’s  interview can be seen in the Jurassic Dinosaur Documentary (click here for details)

Belinda Lacoste

Belinda LaCoste: Dinosaur Bone disproves Evolution. Dinosaur Bones in the Morrison Formation are commonly found in the wrong strata, such as on Belinda LaCoste’s ranch

Belinda  LaCoste and her family owns a large chunk of dinosaur rich land, part of the Morrison Formation, in Colorado. The Morrison Formation is a giant dinosaur graveyard — these enormous reptiles were catastrophically buried in herds mixed in with massive amounts of fish, sea shells, sea life, giant Megalodon sharks all beached and buried in the center of the American continent.

Dinosaurs — such as the recent triceratops excavation are commonly in the wrong strata (according to the Darwinism geological charts / strata).

Additionally, not only are animals such as the T-Rex and Triceratops found chalk full of soft tissues, but also — ALL un-fossilized dinosaurs which have been carbon dated will/do date young.

In August of 2014,Belinda joined Dr. Carl Baugh and several others for the annual fossil dig near Masadona, Colorado, heartland of dinosaurs found in the Morrison Formation.   These dinosaurs, known as the Jurassic group, are buried in massive numbers all over the Western slopes.  Digging since 1995, we have uncovered bones of several long-necked, long-tailed sauropods, two Allosaurs, turtles, crocodiles, an Ankylosaur (the massive armored dinosaur), and a baby dinosaur.  Most of the bones are jet-black and buried in cement-hard light grey rock which often requires jackhammers and much physical effort to free them from their graves. On the Last Days of this excavation they discovered a most exciting specimen with intriguing possibilities.


Jurassic: Dinosaur Documentary

Jurassic: Dinosaur Documentary. Dinosaurs are Young. All of them. Get Details on Jurassic

Belinda is also frequently on TV shows (such as TBN’s Creation in the 21st Century shown above with host Dr. Carl Baugh). When she is not excavating dinosaurs — Belinda works as a health and nutrition expert.

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