Randy Clark “GoForItRandy”

Randy Clark aka “GoforitRANDY” is a well known inter-dimensional photographer. Randy has a popular Youtube channel called “goforitRANDY” that has over 6 million views from all over the world. Randy has photographed over 500,000 inter-dimensional beings in the last 3 years everything from orbs, to dragons, ET’s, UFO’s and even inter-dimensional GIANTS walking around on earth.


Randy Clark says that for the past few years he has lived with inter-dimensional beings visiting on a daily schedule. According to Randy, these beings can travel at high speed and go though solid objects like walls with no problem. Randy believes these inter-dimensional Beings are Angelic Beings.
Randy Clark-GoForItRandy
You can take a look and see for yourself all of these different images and photos Randy has captured at his Youtube channel.

At God in a Nutshell, we believe things that seem friendly, can be one of the best deceptions. We DO NOT recommend playing with orbs. 



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