2020 Riots

Riots 2020: The Meaning

Riots 2020: This film is about the meaning behind the riots of 2020. The film was made by Trey Smith during the 2020 riots.

Riots 2020

Learn the truth about the most destructive riots in the U.S. in over half a century . . .

This documentary on the Riots of 2020 is roughly one hour and 45 minutes of street interviews, and actual footage by God in a Nutshell from the heart of the madness.

The documentary was filmed literally during the riots, protests and looting in California, New York, Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio Texas.

More specifically, we filmed interviews and footage in Texas on the way to my cousin officer Caleb Rule’s funeral.

My cousin was shot and killed in the line-of-duty during the haze of the riots.

Officer Caleb Rule, killed in the line-of-duty

Officer Caleb Rule, killed in the line-of-duty

During the shooting of this documentary, I would edit each night at hotels.

On one of the nights, in a parking garage of a downtown hotel (with security) windows on my vehicle were smashed, several storage drives and drones taken.

On one of the drives that was stolen, was the footage of my cousin Caleb Rule’s funeral. So, the only footage I have is what I had already put in this film prior to the break-in.

In the morning, I discovered that outside the parking garage of the hotel were lines of tents and hundreds, if not thousands, of squatters. I walked alongside the endless camps and tents (in the once nice part of Denver) and stopped at some men who were openly breaking into the electrical box on the street light; for whatever cause I don’t know.

I offered some of the people there money with no questions aksed if I could simply get help getting my drives back.

We were told: “Come on man. We’re just people trying to get high. At least you’ve got a vehicle.”


I pray heavily against the spirit of whatever this is destroying the United States. I also pray for strength, honor and courage in the men and women in military and law enforcement.

This is a very good and eye-opening film. I hope you enjoy it.

Riots 2020

Thank you for supporting the God in a Nutshell project in allowing us to bring you films like this offering piercing analysis and discernment about these troubled times in which we live.

All glory goes to God alone! May He sustain and empower us to stand together for the truth against the principalities and powers of this present darkness in these troubled times.

May God use this film to bless and touch the lives of each and every one of you on the other side of the screen. 

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