Trey Smith

Trey Smith: A Strange Film

Trey Smith a Strange Film is collection of unusual materials once private to Trey Smith, his friends and family. It has quite a lot of personal things that some may find insightful, enjoyable or interesting. The Golden Rule is 1.618

Trey Smith

Ancient Texts and Future Prophecies Intersect

Trey Smith: A Strange Film | Run-time: 53 minutes

This is a unique presentation of personal conversation with Trey Smith’s family and friends. Additionally, in this short film are stories from Kim Clement’s family, and those who knew him well.

In truth this video does contain some once very private and personal matters. It is a behind-the-scenes, if you will, that some may find insightful.

The Golden Ratio is 1.618

Also a little about the: Book of Kim

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