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Living Fossils

Author: Tony Laurich

This article is just an overview on some of the fossils which evolutionists have used to date the earth that have been found alive. This topic is not new to many on this website; nor should it be, considering the depth at which Trey Smith has covered it. However, I find it a good tool when either reassuring your own faith or convincing someone of the folly that evolution is. Hopefully some of you will find use of this information for God when debating intellectuals.

For those who do not know, an index fossil is one in which evolutionists use to date other fossils and rocks(strata) into time periods.  This is how it works in brief: if I were to find some fossilized bone, and I could not find out it’s age through carbon dating or other methods to my satisfaction. I would look for fossils in the same strata that I know the age of. If I found a grey wolf within the same strata as the bone I would know the bone is between 38,000 b.c. to present. But if there was a graptolite, I would assume that the bone is at least around 315,000,000 years old (depending on the species).  That is at least how the theory goes.

The problem is: if we found a graptolite living today there would be no way to ascertain that it went extinct 315mya  (million years ago). This means that our bone could be anywhere from 315mya to present. That would throw a dinosaur sized wrench in the theory of evolution.

Before we get started I would like to point out an interesting trend I found while doing the research. On every account the evolutionists have taken the term living fossil and perverted it to mean “long enduring or resembling ancient species” (paraphrase). I and many other Young Earth Creationists use the term to mean,  “they were thought to be extinct for millions of years, yet they were found alive”.  So when you are talking to an evolutionist I would caution against the term “living fossil” as it can cause a confusion in definition

Here are just some of the many accounts.

Tony LaurichAuthor: Tony Laurich

Tony Laurich was born into a Mormon family and sealed in the temple at age 8, the same year he was baptized into the Mormon church. Due to questioning of the Mormon doctrine and youth culture he quickly became an atheist by his teenage years. This atheist belief would peruse until his final year of high school when he tried to sell his soul to Satan and ended up having a spiritual experience. Through the grace of God, a local teacher and pastor was able to help him come to Christ and ask for forgiveness. Today he spends most days either entertaining his brains whims by researching obscure things or working part time in the field of construction.