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Rabbi Brian Hall: EntitiesRabbi Brian R. Hall interviews with Trey Smith can be seen in the Nephilim Documentary and the Entities “The Beginning” Documentary.

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Brian Hall, RabbiRabbi Brian R Hall has been serving God for more than 30 years in many different ways. He is an author, theologian, Hebrew Semitic language expert, as well as a Martial Arts instructor. He has used all these mediums to help guide people to the truth and mentor those who seek a greater understanding of who God is, how to serve Him, and how to live life according to His will and by His commandments. He has done counseling for 25 years serving in colleges, congregations, and several ministries.

He has lead several congregations and ministries over the years as well as taught martial arts to police and military. Brian who speaks several languages has done national and international missions work. He was also the main speaker at a Messianic international conference in Kiev, Ukraine in 2014. He has his own series of theological documentaries and teachings in which he details everything from understanding Torah through the Ancient Hebrew language to the meaning of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) parables to biblical prophecy through the constellations and has been a leading researcher on the biblical topic of the Nephilim. Brian has made appearances on Public Access TV, theological documentaries and international radio.

Brian R Hall

Rabbi Brian R Hall has been serving God for more than 30 years . Brian R. Hall is an author, theologian, Hebrew Semitic language expert, as well as a Martial Arts instructor.

Rabbi Brian Hall: When he is not teaching Torah, he’s flipping dragons.

Rabbi Brian has also had a long martial arts career. He has been practicing many forms of Martial Arts from when he was just four years old.

 He started learning from his father who learned martial arts when he was serving in Japan. He has trained 14 gold medalists (both national and international champions) and he himself is also an international gold medalist. He links his knowledge of martial arts with the Word of God to not only teach his students physical strength but a spiritual one as well. Rabbi Brian is currently working on publishing several different book series on topics such as Hebrew, 1st Century Jewish Messianic Theology, and local historical Myth and folklore.

His soon to be released project is a theological fantasy series called Legendary Kingdoms of Attera that he has been developing for over 25 years. The series encompasses biblical components such as spiritual warfare, higher entities, an almighty creator, and prophecy. Its elements of adventure, martial arts, love, and faith is meant to draw a wide range demographic of readers. Rabbi Brian Hall uses Legendary Kingdoms of Attera to invite readers into a spirit-filled world that is meant to bring them closer to God whether they know it right away or not.

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