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Satan: Angels, Fallen Angels & Devils

A Complete Breakdown and Roughly Two (2) hour documentary on Satan in the Bible and the Book of Enoch. Click Here to become a PARTNER and WATCH instantly.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ATAN: A documentary on Satan, Angels, Fallen Angels & Devils. A documentary on Satan, Satanism, Luciferianism and the Fall of the Angels. A documentary on demons, and origin of demons. A documentary on birth of the Illuminati (Illuminati documentary).

Satan: Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils is part one of a two part on Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils from the God in a Nutshell Enoch documentary / and Enoch study being done on the God in a Nutshell website.

Satan: Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils is available here on Youtube in a 30 minute version. On the God in a Nutshell website “Satan: Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils” is available for immediate streaming as a roughly two (2) hour (Trey Smith) documentary.

Satan: Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils ~ In this documentary on Satan, Fallen Angels and Demons Trey Smith along with guests Derek Gilbert, Scottie Clarke, Bob Enyart, Skywatch TV, Jane Clement, Donne Clement, Jim Bakker’s sister, etc….

The documentary Satan: Angels, Fallen Angels & Demons starts at Mount Hermon in Israel where according to the Book of Enoch two hundred (200) Fallen Angels made entrance to earth. These Fallen Angels (under Satan, Azazel, and others) played little gods and kings with mankind. It was this entrance of the Fallen Angels covered in both Genesis 6 and Enoch 6 that gave birth (it is believed) to the many “Fallen Angel” accounts of the Greeks, the Romans, etc…. in their mythologies. Satan: Angels, Fallen Angels and Demons focuses on the first ritual and Satanic / Luciferian human sacrifice site ~ at the base of Mount Hermon. At Mount Hermon there is a cave called “Pan’s Cave”. It is here were Luciferian ceremonies took place, at the very spot where the fallen angels are believed to have made entrance.

Enoch: the Trey Smith study on the Book of Enoch (details).


Enoch: God in a Nutshell and Trey Smith are currently doing a full study on the Book of Enoch here on the God in a Nutshell website. The study is available for “Partners“. To find out about becoming a partner, please visit: https://godinanutshell.com/product-category/partnerships/

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s this post is being typed we are working on the third section of the Enoch study. Currently, two full documentaries of the study are available in the PARTNERS area. We feel they are VERY STRONG documentaries and hope to hear your feedback on them. There will also be some rearranging happening on the God in a Nutshell website over the next few months ~ to have a calendar to schedule live-streams if you want to watch some of them live, and even interact (we hope).

We plan to do the best study, and currently the ONLY FULL study, of the Book of Enoch. This is the Book that declares it is for the “last generation of the age” <— That seems important in our view, particularly considering Enoch would have wrote this before the flood. And, the text would have been with Noah on the boat ~ just so those words could make it to your hands.

The Book of Enoch is a ride through understanding angels, fallen angels, demons, dimensions, the “son of man”, and the “End-Times” like no other book on earth.

Many ask: Why isn’t it in the Bible?

My first reply is: I don’t believe it was ever meant to be. I believe it was always meant to be something separate for a long list of reasons.

We HIGHLY recommend the God dimension as a back drop to the Enoch study, also our full collections (which include HolyLand 1 & 2) are popular: Click here for more on our stuff

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hese are the words of the blessing of Enoch, wherewith he blessed the elect and the righteous, who will be living in the time of trouble; when the wicked and the godless are to be removed. I, Enoch, a righteous man, who was with God, answered and spoke, while my eyes were open, and while I saw a holy vision of the Holy One in the heavens.

This the angels showed unto me.

And, from them I heard everything, and understood as I saw.

But not for my generation, but for a remote one — which is for to come…. the last generation of the age. 

On account of the elect, do I write…..

Enoch: The Book of the End study.



How do I find when this is happening?

If you are a subscriber to the God in a Nutshell website; you should get an email here very soon letting you know when we have this ready and the details of how we’re going to do it. Also, if you have purchased something from God in a Nutshell in the past – you should get an email letting you know when we have this ready to begin as well.

We don’t email anyone frequently, unless we have something to share.

Special thank you to everyone that has purchased anything from God in a Nutshell, that is what makes these things possible ~ and we very much thank you.

Trey Smith

God in a Nutshell project

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