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360: 20 minutes of High Octane

God in a Nutshell

This is 20 edited minutes of 360 footage from a variety of sites on earth.

It begins on the mountain coaster in Branson, MO, very near near where I used to live in Branson, Missouri. You through-out the watch will take that whole ride, I was surprised I was able to hold the camera on the first try and still go full speed with no brakes.

That is a coaster I used to ride sometimes in the Ozark mountains when I just needed to get out, and get my head somewhere relaxing. 

The footage goes on the Cave of the Winds, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It also records sliding around corners while I held the camera outside of the car in Denver, Colorado. 

Then, the footage takes you to Egypt, where we ride a very unsafe air-balloon during sunrise over the Nile River. We go on horse back around the Great Pyramid, and find human skulls for sale in the ancient temple of Rameses II. 

Then, at the end of the footage, we ride what is called the “Bigfoot” which spits you up in the air on a bungee cord by catapult, and you fall back down. 

All of this was done using 360 cameras. The editing on that type of footage was tricky, particularly at the time I worked on this, sometimes just for a little stress relief in the evenings. 

So, It is just simply what it looks like — an enjoyable yet high octane 20 minutes (roughly) of interesting spots shot in 360 and edited with music. 

I think you’ll enjoy it, and its fun to explore the footage. I particularly like the Egypt clips in there. They are no doubt unique. I would not do some of it twice. 

The video draws from an unlisted page for the best handling of the 360 technology.

Trey Smith

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