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Denver Airport’s NEW creepy paintings

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Denver airport seems to love its “creepy paintings.” Following the onslaught of controversy and what some called “conspiracy theories” surrounding Denver’s last set of strange paintings; they decided to up the ante. Now, posting images in the same locations the old creepy paintings used to be with brand new ones. 

Beneath is a gargoyle on the wall where the paintings once where.

Denver Airport Gargoyle

And this one is an Alien saying “Shhhhh….” at the Denver International Airport. 

And, apparently a tip of the the hat from the Denver airport to David Icke, recently censored online, with the lizard people. 

Most airports use imagery of landscapes or landmarks from the areas they are located in. The Albuquerque, New Mexico airport has soft pastels of mesas and the Taos mountains. The Austin, Texas airport known as a “music city” has guitars and musical notes as you walk down the hallways. The Cairo, Egypt airport has pharaohs and artwork of pyramids. 

But, the Denver, Colorado airport — notably on the edge of the Rocky mountains with the most beautiful scenery you can imagine — Well, the Denver airport opted to display scenes of apocalyptic genocide and germ warfare complete with dead children and weeping mothers to wayward travelers arriving at their gates. 


[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccordingly, these murals were actually what one would pass on their way to collect their luggage upon arrival. Here is an example of a militaristic figure wearing a bio-war face mask and stabbing a dove. I would note also, the dove is generally also recognized internationally as a symbol of peace; and this is an international airport. 

Notice the image above also goes out of its way to depict weeping mothers holding their presumably now dead children. 

Now, whereas the Denver airport, and even medias labelled those who questioned these images as “conspiracy theorists”; I would humbly submit that the type of imagery Denver International repeatedly goes with is certainly worthy of question. I mean, if I arrived in a foreign country and the first images I saw were of Nazi looking characters boldly and proudly displayed whilst killing children and holding automatic weapons…. It might worry me.  

Now, in response to questions such as this, Denver International appears to state that “travelers merely misunderstand” the artists “deeper artistic means and expressions” within the paintings themselves. And, further, that those who questioned the paintings are being judgmental and not open minded. 

Beneath is an actual image of their new artwork, which may actually be more concerning and worse than their old artwork. Accordingly, I don’t think the “artwork” makes most people think their is a conspiracy; I believe it makes most feel there is something very awkward about whatever department is picking the decor for the airport. What is so difficult about simply going with imagery of the Rocky mountains? Does the airport really need to have giant images posing the question: “Are we preparing for the end of the world?” on their giant posters?

That image above is ACTUALLY FROM the Denver airport. Now, think about this logically, how nervous would you be if the person next to you in line to go through security looked over and said the EXACT SAME THING that poster says? 

“Do you think I am here for a great flight; or to prepare for the end of the world?”

It would give you chills correct? And, it is unlikely the airport security itself would take someone saying that kind of thing very “jokingly.” So, why is the airport plastering its walls with this type of foolish nonsense? 

Again, what is so wrong with simply displaying paintings or large pictures of sunsets over the Rocky mountains?

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Why does it either have to be aliens, hell horses, lizard people or dead kids in bio-war? For any normal person THESE WOULD ACTUALLY BE THE LAST POSSIBLE CHOICES FOR DECORATING THE AIRPORT.

Above is a photo of myself (Trey Smith) and Caspar McCloud affront the old-style creepy Denver airport painting. 

As a finality to this article, I propose the image beneath for consideration for display at the Denver airport:

Parsing Bill