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Rocketman: Is it superhealth from trees?

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Trey’s NOTES: Underneath is the commentary and description of Rocketman by Michael Hughes. I would note that over the years I had some concern doing an article on his Rocketman as one of its uses is ~ as he puts it ~ “is for the hydrophilic system of men.”

So, for that cause I am asking you to read carefully my short commentary on this subject beneath. 

Now, whereas it may appear to be true that it may work for that cause stated above, I was on some occasions sneaking the stuff during its development to Rick Derringer who clearly expressed his belief it worked for that cause in abundance. But, as I have noted to Mike, whom I have traveled a fair amount of the world with: “I do Christian documentaries, Mike!” 

But, having taken a fair number of trips with Mike, I also knew this was basically the same “mix of things from trees” that he himself had largely accredited to his own ability to walk again following a serious accident that many believed rendered him essentially paralyzed some twenty years ago. 

From my understanding of his testimony and others, it sounds as if they describe a “sensitivity” returning which may begin with the extremities ~ such as the toes, fingers, hands, feet, and on men… other parts with the most rapid (apparently according to them) effect. 

So, that caused many of the early men working with it with MS, as I understand, to report this “side effect” for men ~ as did Derringer ~ to occur quite rapidly after ingesting. 

Although that is really quite something, my interest was really when I saw him recording people that appeared to be regaining the feeling in hands, feet, legs, etc… allowing them (according to their own accounts) to have some of their life back when other things had failed. 

This was of course also Mike’s original intent for himself. He couldn’t walk after an accident; he wanted to walk again. That is more than a “male enhancement” product. That is a gift from the Lord above if it really keeps going, and proves to be a possible future solution for many in that direction. My hope is that Mike begins to package this under a variety of possible uses, and it is my understanding he is working on that. 

I have family members that suffer from some of the same aliments described in Mike’s growing list of interviews. So, since people are saying they are putting canes down, and it is what amounts to eating some specially mixed tree bark, I thought I would let others know. 

God bless all of you.

The text beneath the photo it the text and links to Mike Hughes and Rocketman. Also, here is the link to Mike’s page for Rocketman, click here

Trey Smith and Mike Hughes in Egypt

Originally, a new organic food product line from trees developed by Rocket Products, a division of Sunbeam America, was intended to provide “Rocket Fast” relief of headaches and nausea – without the use of aspirin, or any other man made chemistry. At about the same time, another version for a different market was being tested on people (women) suffering from MS, Neuropathy, and Parkinson’s Disease.

When the group of test people was widened to include men ranging from 35 – 75, a surprising “side effect” was discovered and experienced by ALL the men. According to these test subjects, upon taking their first serving (one “dose”), that day, their “male hydraulic system” started “gearing-up” automatically throughout the night and into the morning just as it did every night when they were younger. It’s been observed that once a mans body fails to hear (and respond) to his minds periodic commands for increased blood flow volume throughout his body – especially at night – his nightly “gearing-up” routine stops, and soon after, his male package size starts to shrink and he begins experiencing his first symptoms of erectile dysfunction or “ED”. Accordingly, since a men are equipped with a “male tool” that works “hydraulically”, he can physically SEE if he’s getting the daily natural blood flow he needs!

With costs mounting to perform more trials with additional people suffering from MS, Neuropathy, and Parkinson’s Disease, in late September 2018, the Company released their new product for online sales to address an obvious (and incredibly large) Men’s Health and Performance market. It was called “Rocket Man”, and its slogan… “Gear-Up for the Health of It!”.

With the help of “mom and pop” on-line affiliates, and within less than 90 days, the new Rocket Man® products were selling in over 7 countries. We are truly excited and thankful for our large growth and response from 1000’s of men who regularly use our Rocket Products for their goals regarding strength, performance, or erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms – AND NOW – let’s use this incredible inertia to find even more people suffering debilitating ailments and diseases including MS…”

A common connection: “It’s not just a male performance issue.” enhancement numbness stamina libido energy When your body fails to hear and act on routine commands for periodic bursts of increased blood flow, (“flushing out” your system several times each day), over time, many other things can start to fail or even get clogged up. The most common initial symptoms include; energy, stamina and loss of libido, foods start to taste bland, legs and fingers begin to get numb and loose sensitivity and feeling, balance gradually becomes a challenge, clarity in vision changes, and many other progressive and debilitating effects – much the SAME symptoms as those suffering with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Neuropathy, and Parkinson’s Disease ! The current medical industry teaches that once these symptoms begin and continue to get progressively worst, (especially with those suffering from these three major ailments, MS, Neuropathy, and Parkinson’s), there is currently no way of getting it stopped – much less reversing it.

The same industry claims ONLY medicine can cure or improve your condition and ANY type of organic food – even from trees – can do nothing to help. What we eat effects our body’s entire system. Their is no synthetic substitutes for what is natural, and healthy. All the fancy words in the world are meaningless if the medicines prescribed merely mask the pain — in this instance, after hearing the personal results from three people using organic food made from trees, is their relief and success discussed in this video just a coincidence? Question Coincidence.

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