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Author: Tom Shipley


Academia is a den of vipers.”–Stephen Jay Gould, “The Panda’s Thumb,” pg. 112


I could easily have indicted the modern educational systems throughout the entire developed world in my title but, being an American, I shall focus here on how the Great Darwinian Propaganda Machine operates in the United States. This installment may be regarded as simultaneously a kind of book and article review.

Way back in 1984, I read a book titled, “The Criterion,” by Jerry Bergman, subtitled, “Religious Discrimination in America.” Not much has changed since then. If anything, the problems Bergman spotlighted then have grown worse.

Bergman’s book focuses on the academic establishment in America, though he also touches upon religious discrimination in the media and in the courts. I was already aware in 1984 that there was very intense, pervasive bigotry against anything and everything “religious” in the academic world (except of course the faith-based religion of Naturalism), and Christianity in particular. When I first entered college at the University of Maryland, I was very much a part of the same mindset having dutifully absorbed the atheistic-evolutionistic teachings of the government (“public”) schools like a good little citizen.

What I was not aware of until I read Bergman’s book in 1984 is that there is a widespread, conscious, deliberate, and systematic dynamic in place especially among upper-level academicians to censor information from even making its way into our schools and universities for consideration and examination by students—or faculty for that matter. (So much for the boasted-of “open inquiry” academicians arrogantly and deceitfully claim exists in academia!) Evolutionists specialize in playing their academic cards with a 100% stacked deck. Moreover, any deviation from orthodox evolutionary doctrine results in active, concerted reprisals against the “offender.”

For example, Professor John Eidsmoe notes in the Foreword to The Criterion,

“A group of college professors organized a boycott of all textbooks published by a certain company just because that company had published one small book by an eminent scientist advocating catastrophism instead of uniformitariansm.” –pg . v, emph. supp.

The college professors themselves agitated for this retribution-via-boycott against a publisher–not students, not outside agitators, not Communists (well…probably Communists).(See also Shattering the Myths of Darwinism by Richard Milton, pg. 259-272, esp. pg. 267.) The irony is that today the evolutionists are avid catastrophists themselves.

Moreover, there are systematic campaigns of vilification routinely perpetrated against faculty and others who do not enthusiastically promote the “party line.” Bergman sums up the pervasive practices in place in our (taxpayer funded, mind you) schools and universities:

  • Derogatory and Clearly Inappropriate Comments. This comes under the campaigns of vilification category. (In Exposé #1spotlighting Richard Dawkins, I highlighted Dawkins indulging in this practice in regard to agnostic science journalist Richard Milton.)
    2) Refusal of Admittance to Graduate Programs.
    3) Refusal to Award Degree.
    4) Denial of Promotion.
    5) FiringsTerminations, and Denial of Tenure.
    6) Demotions
    7) Threats and Personal Intimidation, including death threats by fellow faculty members and even university deans (see pg. 35, “Slaughter of the Dissidents” by Bergman)

Do I exaggerate in labeling such a widespread system of practices by the academic establishment as Stalinistic or Hitleristic? I think not!

It deserves highlighting that such acts of discrimination in colleges and universities are serious crimes under the civil rights laws of the United States and punishable by law with heavy fines and even imprisonment. Yet these criminal acts, and conspiracies to commit criminal acts, go on unabated and unpunished decade after decade with the complete collusion of corrupt judges in the American courts, virtually all of whom themselves have been subjected to the same information-censoring propaganda (brainwashing) of our (taxpayer funded) universities. As long ago as 1923, former U. S. Supreme Court Justice, Benjamin Cardozo, noted in his book, “The Growth of the Law,” that what was going on in the decisions and Opinions handed up to the People by federal judges was not the application of the law but policies pursuant to the personal philosophies of the judges. The problem of subversion of the law and sabotage of the judicial process by the judiciary themselves is hardly new!

Creationist scientists and writers have done an excellent job of scientific research and publication, but they are woefully deficient in engaging the academic establishment against its existing tyranny in the legal arena. It is my opinion that as much time and effort needs to be put into legal battles and related auxiliary activities as has been put into the science of creation. According to attorney John Whitehead, the ACLU initiates approximately 6000 lawsuits every year, the majority of them against Christian and politically conservative individuals, organizations and businesses, (see “The Second American Revolution”).

Creationists and Christians in general need to face up to the reality that they are under systematic assault by hysterically irrational and bigoted hatemongering evolutionists and respond in a vigorous, systematic and sustained fashion.

Every act of religious discrimination by any member of academia ought to be immediately litigated in the courts with the necessity in view of appealing negative decisions by corrupt judges as high up the judicial ladder as possible. If the case receives a negative decision by the judge because of religious bigotry on the part of the judge (which is virtually always), creationists should labor long and hard to expose the judge’s corruption, bigotry and perversion of the law to sustained, incessant public criticism and ridicule. We have a right to expect justice in the Courts, and judges who refuse to enforce Constitutional guarantees and civil rights laws should be removed from office and subjected to very harsh and intensely severe condemnation for their collusion with criminals.

But there I go digressing again.

Bergman notes,

“Surveys indicate that there are at least 1000 cases of job loss each year—perhaps as many as 3000.”—from the Introduction, pg. viii – xiv

Bergman has firsthand knowledge of this persecution. He was a victim of religious bigotry and discriminatory termination himself at Bowling Green State University because of his conversion to Christianity and his creationist beliefs. Bergman writes:

Dr. Hollis Moore, former President of Bowling Green State University, specifically told this writer that he felt the university could, with impunity, terminate a professor for ANY reason, legal or illegal.”—pg. xiv

Bergman chronicles many typical examples of these discriminatory practices in his article, Censorship of Information on Origins,” and his books, Slaughter of the Dissidents” (Second Edition, 2012), and its sequel, “Silencing the Darwin Skeptics.” and “The Criterion.”

A few typical examples: a university which granted a Ph.D. in biology discovered that its professor was a creationist and formed a committee to rescind his degree—six years after the fact; a science teacher in Michigan was fired shortly after he donated several boxes of books on creationism to the school library; “Further, NEA has put out (through each state organization) questionnaires asking teachers to identify those who believe in creationism.” (pg. 5-6, of “The Criterion”).

Per Dr. Thomas Dwight of Harvard University:

“The tyranny in the matter of evolution is overwhelming to a degree of which the outsider has no idea,”—pg. 7

When it comes to the subject of evolution, and in particular Darwinian evolution, the Darwinian academic elite (the Great Darwinian Propaganda Machine) regard any and all dissenting views, including even any alternate evolutionary views, as a kind of intolerable heresy and they make every effort to impose a maximum security lockdown to imprison the information under a sentence of eternal banishment from public view.

So how exactly do the administrators of the Great Darwinian Propaganda Machine manage to successfully implement and maintain this fanatical suppression of information? What are the actual “nuts and bolts” of the process? I strongly encourage the reader to read Bergman’s full article firsthand, but here is a summation. This is Bergman’s Abstract:

“Surveys of various indexes and library lists consistently find that recent literature favorable to creationism is rarely found in university, college or public libraries. That which is found, is often outdated, printed in the 1920s or before. In addition, interviews with creationists reveal that if authors are known as creationists, their articles, regardless of the empirical merit and quality, are most often rejected for publication. At times they are accepted, but when the creationist persuasion of the authors is discovered, they are not uncommonly rescinded. Even articles discussing censorship of creationism are often censored from journals which deal with library censorship. Many creationist authors have reported they often do not even receive the courtesy of a rejection letter, and often letters inquiring about the articles are ignored. Some creationists find far more success when they publish under a pseudonym or stay in the closet about their creationism. Censorship because of the philosophical and religious orientation of the writer is clearly bigotry.”—pg. 1, “Censorship of Information on Origins.”

This reveals the primary method of the Darwinian propagandists: censorship of information from the sources where most serious students and investigators of information are likely to look.

Bergman notes:

“Creationist literature has been self-censored from nearly every major secular university library in America. An OCLC computer search . . . indicated that of the over 3,000 institutions on the OCLC list, only 33 subscribed to the Creation Research Society Quarterly, [which is] without question the preeminent journal in the field of scientific creationism…When one subtracts all the Bible colleges and seminaries . . .barely enough other schools [are] left to count…Libraries, even if they want to, find it difficult to stock creationist books.”–pg. 3

This type of censorship and repression of information is reprehensible in the extreme yet…

“Advocacy of this censorship is commonly espoused in print. Bridgstock is blatant in his recommendation that librarians should ‘not permit [creationist material] . . . onto the shelves of school libraries’.”—pg. 5

In the final analysis there is only one reason why the Great Darwinian Propaganda Machine is so devious and fanatical about preventing everyone from having access to creationist scientific literature–namely, examination of the scientific literature shows plainly that the science of the creationists is impeccable and unimpeachable. The Darwinists know they can never prevail in the arena of free and open written debate. They know that the evidence speaks clearly and powerfully of creation and intelligent design, so the imperative becomes to censor and repress the information and restrict public access to it as much as possible.

Bergman continues:

“Most libraries purchase materials primarily from publishers that they view as ‘approved’ or mainline such as Harper and Row or Garland. Those that publish primarily ‘religious’ material are viewed as ‘not objective’ and libraries often will not order, or even shelve, works by them.'(7) Even liberal, older religious publishers are affected by this prejudice, although not as greatly. And most secular outlets will not publish a pro-creationist book. (18) The reason is partially because most send their manuscripts out for professional review, and secular reviewers generally do not evaluate intelligent design works favorably.”–pg. 7

This is how the long arm of the Great Darwinian Propaganda Machine of academia has insinuated itself into the publishing industry as a whole. (The same holds true for media documentaries.) The publishers, unfortunately, have a completely misplaced trust in the honesty and integrity of the academicians, and probably have only a very vague concept of the intellectual fascism and employment tyranny under which the academicians live and function. The fact of the matter is a positive review of a creationist book by a member of academia would unquestionably result in professional reprisals and punishment against the reviewer, most likely the loss of employment. The general public overall have no idea whatsoever of this state of affairs or of the relationship of the publishing and academic worlds. They mistakenly believe we live in an environment of free and open inquiry and debate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This article could go on for very great length, enough to fill up many, many books, but this should suffice to give the reader a good idea of the problem we are up against. In summary, Bergman goes on to document bias in the review process, censorship of scientific presentations (see Exposé #3), censorship of campus mail, censorship in textbooks, the long history of Darwinian censorship of creationist literature, and removal of existing creationist literature that somehow managed to make its way into libraries.

It is high time for the Great Darwinian Propaganda Machine to be exposed for WHO and WHAT they are and to be held accountable for their crimes, for their actions are indeed crimes against United States law.

In our next article, Part B, we shall look more particularly at the legal and Constitutional aspect of this issue.


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