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Homo Naledi — Missing Link Sham Exposed

Neanderthal -- Evolutionism ReCreation -and-Reality.... They are two different worlds

Homo Naledi: Let me state right up front. That the more I looked at this “Missing Link” claim (in this case by Lee Berger, a professor from South Africa — who’s life focus has been evolution missing links)……

The more it looked beyond desperate. As if not even trying anymore to release anything serious, or of substance.  In my opinion, this claim (after review) is disrespectful to even the word science…. I will lay out — in detail (with primate comparisons beneath) the reasons I state that. 

Lee Berber with new claimed Missing Link "Homo Naledi" skull compared to basic primate skull

Lee Berger with new claimed Missing Link “Homo Naledi” skull compared to basic primate skull


Homo Naledi: Missing Link Sham Exposed and Explained — Bottom line short version: A bunch of very common, straightforward dead monkeys (primates) bones where found scattered everywhere in a cave system — likely either by predators feeding off these EXTREMELY common, knuckle-walking and tree climbing African primates….. Or, the animals may have been living in the cave system, somehow been trapped and unable to escape….. Or, any of about a zillion other possibilities that could leave a lot of dead primates — and their bones — in a cave in Africa….. a continent — mind you — where primates (monkeys, apes, etc…. ) are pretty common….. In fact, they’re all over the place…..

So, lets get our main player out…….

Lee Berger (shown above with the old Crowish Buzzard to his shoulder) recently -- as seemingly always with Lee -- pitched a straightforward primate skeleton -- now called "Homo Naledi" as a "Missing Link".

Lee Berger (shown above with the old Crowish Buzzard to his shoulder) recently — as seemingly always with Lee — pitched a straightforward primate skeleton — now called “Homo Naledi” as a “Missing Link”.

Lee Berger, a man with what clearly could appear an extensive past history of going from cave, to cave, to cave, upon caves of more caves in Africa looking for monkey (primate) bones….. Then, through the eyes of Lee Berger — who seems to see a monkey becoming a person in every dead monkey he finds  — appearing to also have an extensive (life-long) history of promoting such monkey bones to others as “missing links”. Accordingly, for the record, I would notate that in review of Mr. Lee Berger’s history and involvement in doing this kind of thing, it could easily look — it certainly does in my view — as if his “stories” about bones he finds are seemingly always not just “puffed up” and “inflated” well beyond plausible reality but in his graphical recreations of such claims as well….. To be fair, we’ll simply examine Mr. Lee Berger’s current story & claim right here, right now, in this present instance.

Some might be less nice with regards to Mr. Berger’s past “monkey stories”. I, however am quite happy and extremely content (for my own personal reasons) that Mr. Berger’s “cave hoping days” have led him to these hours where he was able to sell a “missing link story” — a much needed “missing link fix for all Lucy’s  troubles”…… as fate and “coincidence” would have it.

Whatever-the-case, here’s how we’ll break this down.

  1. Explain to you Lee Berger’s new monkey story. What he claims he found.
  2. Walk you through what he actually found. I think you’re going to find these two things are light years apart. PS: In terms of Darwinism Missing Link stories & claims over the years (with a stellar string of bogus “Monkey Men” stories and debunkings like a bad soap opera that never ends stringing all the way back to the very first hoax Piltdown Man). However,  this may indeed easily take the prize for the sloppiest and most slip-short yet <—- My view, you decide.


Lee Berger's Homo Naledi Recreation -- EPIC Planet of the Apes World in scope

—————- God and a Nutshell Update beneath, to skip to Homo Neladi Sham, simply scroll down ————–


As many of you know….. I have been working on several documentaries at once. You’re going to ask —> when will Entities be out. this answer is  NOT until after September <—- That is important to me. the documentary is good most of it is finished. I believe the Lord had me wait. Please trust me in that…… Though I have gotten the dates on documentary releases and completion times wrong a lot….. When have I not delivered something very unusual from the herd? Please trust me and be patient.

Trey-Smith-Entities-God-in-a-Nutshell-UFOS-Aliens-Nephilim-Demons - Copy

The Lord had me on this Jurassic video for many, many more months than I ever set in anticipating to spend…… It has been the most technically challenging documentary to date. Entities would be the exception, but it comes out afterwards (mostly done)…….. Jurassic documentaries: It is actually 4 hours (roughly) split in two parts. First, dinosaur soft tissues (Jurassic: Soft Tissue <—- this contains a FULL DEBUNKING of EVOLUTION, the Genetics are really what slits its throat…… Genetics for Dinos, Humans, Animals, viruses…… Everything…. from the Cell to the Stars). Second, is Fossils and Pre-Flood Artifacts <—- the best, of the best, of the best of them. —> Fossils of Dragons (another roughly 2 hours)


Jurassic -- Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

Jurassic — Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

COVER is NOT as SEEN above. But as in the Jurassic image Below…….. Jurassic: Available NOW


Also — a FULL Youtube Documentary — different (in many respects from the films) that you’re going to like. PS: the Full Richard Dawkins thing is going in there as well….. It will be about a one hour plus long collage of things I fairly certain you haven’t heard before…….. I think this may well be rather unforgettable.

I think you’re going to like it…… And, Entities deals with the machinery behind reality…… And, the fusion of science and the occult….. Among other things…… It is like nothing else….. Please be patient. It will be worth the wait — I assure you. Let me get it perfect and right. ~trey


 Jurassic: Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

Homo Naledi — promoted primarily by Lee Berger.

Neanderthal -- Evolutionism ReCreation -and-Reality.... They are two different worlds

Missing Link Hoaxes, History & Homo Neladi — a Trey Smith article — based on professional opinions, anatomists, observations of the actual find, of course the bones themselves…… and then, just a pinch of reality and common sense.

The article beneath is actually a copy of an email (with the name removed) I sent to a good friend — a few days following the news lighting up with this new “Missing Link” story —- I think it covers the issue well.


The Missing Link is a Godsend……. A true Godsend……  They served that up in PERFECT TIMING……. It could NOT have been delivered better on a silver platter. 

I had asked myself over the past months why I was working so long on Jurassic…… I had even gone before the Lord about this — knowing full well I was delaying a documentary (“Entities”) which people seem to be very anxiously waiting for. And — I tell you — every time I have gone with my heart instead of time-constraints, what looks right to my eyes…… It has always, always, always been the right move……
And, here in retrospect, it seems amazing, and I am glad its basically done  — the Richard Dawkins thing (which no-one, including myself, could have possibly expected — the Lord must have wanted that in there). The man has spent his life offending, mocking, etc…… at others….. like a tornado that leaves messes for others to clean everywhere it goes…… and then will cuss like a rebellious 14 year old caught swiping pot money from his mom’s purse if brought to his attention <—– A lot of very good, honest, and fine people have been insulted and some hurt in their careers, livelihood and the food on their families tables by this man …… Anyhow, the Richard Dawkins thing seemed to fall right out of the sky at such a curious time……… also all the new dinosaur soft tissue developments……  I have actual video coming from all over the place….. Unarguable pre-flood artifacts…..  and …… Like a cherry ontop…… Their claimed missing link is like a gift from above…… You’ll see why when you see the video — I am telling you God writes these things, I just record the stuff…..
 Jurassic: Trey Smith | Bob Enyart
When April watched the Jurassic part (the first 2 hours) even before she watched the second 2 hours (Fossils of Dragons) had her in tears numerous times.
You know, it was Sir Richard Owen that came up with the word “dinosaur” — the scientific classification for the creatures of legend called “dragons” (which was his view). But did you know that he spent most of his life, his largest efforts, fighting the theories of Darwinism, and Darwin’s attorney friend Lyell who came up with the geological column drawings we’re still using today against all basic common sense……. Richard Owen fought Darwin his whole life (like most all scientists at that time did) until ultimately Darwin’s theory was picked up for public education and textbooks in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia under Stalin, and of course also promoted by the father of Marxism, Karl Marx……..  
Evolution History
But, the dinosaurs — these are used as the greatest weapon (the largest weapon, the showcase of evolution, all it has) to mindlessly market 150 year old Darwinism in zombie-style, redundantly, redundantly, redundantly into the minds of students from children to the university…….

It makes my heart sink to know they have taken the science Sir Richard Owen — the inception of the study and even name dinosaurs — and they have twisted it to use for the very thing that Sir Richard Owen fought against most — Darwinism. Its heartbreaking in a practical sense………

 Homo Naledi Debunked 

Anyhow,  I had actually done a whole set of the past history of missing links…… all having shelf lives on average of about 30 years…… The missing link stuff is like a bad soap opera that never ends…….  I have a dialog (recorded now 2 months ago — much prior to the “break of their new Missing Link Tale” ) with Dr. Menton — former Anatomist for the University of Washington Medical School, and now over there at Answers in Genesis — where he is saying (on my tape) they are desperate for a replacement for Lucy….. Then, showing me examples of the candidates they had to choose from ——-> Homo naledi was among those candidates. It is two year old news being regurgitated as fresh now to promote NATGEOs documentary — which goes hand-in-hand with the news release (like free advertising). Note: It was 2 years ago when National Geographic actually picked this up. <——- And, Dr. Menton had been keeping up with it the whole time. 

Again, it is like a cherry ontop.  A big one.

Speaking of pitching bones that turn out to be bogus, Jack Horner’s problems — covered in the video —- get much, much worse……. Now, as you know, he’s the man that got everybody in evolution chanting that dinos turned into birds…….
Dino to Bird Evolution Hoaxes Massive

Dino to Bird Evolution Hoaxes Massive

So, all the usual suspects & common media crew were putting out “feelers” that let everyone know “we’ll pay big for dino to bird transitional fossils” (creating a lucrative market for it) — not terribly dissimilar to missing links. Well, about the same time NATGEO was pitching me on a Jurassic documentary…… Some of their news friends — like “COSMO” were apologetically putting forth NATGEOs retraction from — apparently — mistaking 10 years worth of claimed dino becoming bird transitional fossils they had been systematically buying from China for years <—– this appears to be thousands of bogus bones over the time-frame..
*Backstory on Paragraph above for the reader: National Geographic (or a producer for them) had approached me about buying, or getting rights to the new Jurassic stuff I have been working on (I think I was hearing they wanted to call it “Jurassic NOW” or something). Anyhow, we didn’t get far into it. They were very nice people….. But, I felt the timing was perhaps wrong. The specific people I was to work with were maybe not a fit for me…… But, mainly — because I felt in my heart that the Lord said to respectfully back away (at least from that particular thing) which I did, and wrote one of their top executive folks a respectful summary message to that effect….. to which they also gave a kind and understanding reply.
[youtube_sc url=”″]
Now, I respect NATGEO — save for the periodic Darwinism material that they, like most media, periodically have to do a story on <—– like that rusty old dent in an otherwise really nice car, that could be so easily, elegantly and gracefully removed <—- and I very respectfully state as much in the documentary — but, we now have a missing link coming out of the very same time-frame that NATGEO themselves admits (according to the articles and certainly according to the data) that their own professionals & “best experts” were duped by what they themselves seem to indicate was boatloads of bogus “dino to bird missing links”, spanning a decade, pursuant to their belief in Horner’s dinosaurs turned into birds story…… However, I commend them — and mean that sincerely — for acknowledging these massive, massive mis-identification mistakes in the context of “missing-links” between dinosaurs and birds — that is actually VERY HONORABLE of them from my view….. And, good journalism to make the retractions <—– particularly in consideration of sheer size & scope (nearly total fabrication of dino to bird “missing link” bone fraud out of China to the top-bidders for more than a decade). I respect NATGEO for acknowledging these issues — short-sighted promotions of dino to bird bones — that even their best and brightest had been duped by this…… Fraud they (NATGEO) go on to state was perpetuated by impoverished local farmers just trying to get by……… 

I humbly submit to your hands, as I would theirs, that their “best expert bone minds” were NOT FOOLED by merely local farmers because they didn’t have the skills to tell the difference…… But, contrarily, from my view — they were fooled on this massive scale because they sincerely wanted to believe Jack Horner’s bird story………. 

[youtube_sc url=””]

Whatever-the-case, it would be foolish not to point out (touched on briefly in context of the “dino to bird evolution” issues as an addition to the video) and at length in Fossils of Dragons……… this new missing link (Homo Naledi) promoted by NATGEO comes from the same exact time-frame that their own claimed experts seem to openly admit they got it wrong in massive, massive scope on missing links between dinosaurs and birds <—– the numbers on that are both sobering and staggering. 


And…….. If that wasn’t an obvious fact before…… It is certainly glaring fact now.

Neanderthal -- Evolutionism ReCreation -and-Reality.... They are two different worlds

Neanderthal — Evolutionism ReCreation -and-Reality…. They are two different worlds

Homo Naledi — The EPICALLY Implausible Missing Link backstory

In addition to this, the Missing Link Salesman, Lee Berger, appears — from my reading — to have been desperately trying to sell what one might possibly best describe as “a low-end, used car, missing link” for years…….. then, to top it off, you have quite possibly the worst backstory ever written for a missing link —- a Godsend-style backstory of EPIC portions. Lee has depicted the monkeys standing up with human features and throwing each other into the caves to bury themselves…….. I am not kidding….. I swear to you I nearly fell out of the chair when I saw this thing actually put forth……. 
Epic Lee Berger Cartoon for his new Missing Link

Epic Lee Berger Cartoon for his new Missing Link

You’ve got to see this cartoon they put out — he has a straight face as he points to it. I couldn’t believe they let him put that cartoon up with monkeys throwing each other into caves…… Again, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this thing……. And, get this —- this is Lee’s evidence they were monkeys becoming people….. A story and an uncomfortable cartoon….. He says they were burying each other.

Homo Naledi — The claimed burial site 

You have 1,550 (according to their own numbers) monkey parts strewn everywhere in a deep cave system — and instead of maybe a predator living in a cave was eating monkeys who didn’t want to be eaten…. Or, perhaps, a bunch of primates living in a cave that got trapped somehow…… Or, the infinity of other reasonable possibilities — Lee was above all that. He went straight to Planet of Apes world imagery right out of 1960’s dime-store style comic books of Ape-men tossing each other in (this is the proof they were becoming human by burying each other, by the way)…….

Homo Naledi Cartoon — Meant to be taken seriously (Monkey-Men tossing Each other into a cave)

As if that wasn’t enough, it gets better, in the cartoon that goes with the backstory — they drew a cliff the Monkey people are throwing their dead loved ones (I guess) in from; this was in reality  a tiny, tiny hole (they had trouble finding people thin enough to squeeze in and fetch monkey bones) that led to an old cave system. Again, Lee Berger’s cartoon Ape-men I am suppose to believe (I guess) are also standing upright. The animals (in reality) have primate hips — and Lee knows that <—– he reported and conceded that himself. He also knows well what that means (or certainly should know)…… the animal never stood upright. Primates hips are genetically designed to do what primates do……. run around on their knuckles <—– which, mind you, the primates have primate knuckle walking hands (curved finger bones and all) <—– what a surprise…… But, this goes deeper, (why stop when we’re on Planet of the Apes World roll)…… He appears — if I am reading and understanding old Lee Berger reports properly — to have pulled that same kind of shenanigan with “they walk upright — I swear it!” ….. on his last missing link story — ex Australopithecus sediba

Homo Naledi, Lee Berger & Kissing the Dead Monkey

You couldn’t make this stuff up.   <—– but its also somewhat sad — I don’t mean to pick fun at Mr. Berger — But, its a tall order not to. For practical example, in actual news video clips they’re encouraging each other to kiss the dead monkey’s head…… which they all do — with tears in their eyes….. like they’re worshiping a dead monkey…… You’re watching insanity. 
The bad ReCreations are only the tip of the iceberg…………
Lucy -- Evolutionism ReCreation -and-Reality.... They are two different worlds

Lucy — Evolutionism ReCreation -and-Reality…. They are two different worlds

From my view — per this matter, it is EXTREMELY hard for me to believe that Berger — or anyone else, in ANY professional capacity — tossed this stuff out there, then called it real.

 Java Man -- More Missing Link ReCreations found Bogus later

Whatever-the-case, here’s the Homo-Naledi monkey specs………

Note: the monkey (Primate) — (claimed “missing link” Homo naledi)

The animal has a primate pelvis (It didn’t walk upright and they know this) <—- thus, the public drawings depicting it as walking as a human meet the very definition, from my view, of the word “deceptive) <—- Everyone agrees on the primate pelvis, even Lee Berger (with a sorrowful look on his face every time asked). It has clear undeniable primate hands (more primate than many primates, in-fact), also fully primate ribs, primate shoulders, primate arms, primate legs and classic primate head. Again — in the case of the skull — this is embarrassing to try and pass-off in my opinion…..  the recreation makes it look “humanish”, even with a  forehead. Here again, it is an EXTREMELY DECEPTIVE recreation — which I think reflects extremely poorly on the credibility of Mr. Berger, who is both actively and  principally responsible for pushing & promoting this dead monkey as a missing link.

 Homo Naledi: The Basic Primate / Monkey Skull

All ANYONE has to do is look at the actual skull — then look at what Mr. Berger (a claimed expert) stood up and presented. It speaks for itself — that cut and dry.

The head is standard primate — full primate all the way — any anatomist would know that <—- Further, there is no human (or even close) forehead on the skull. It is a typical primate forehead. In fact, you could view the skull like a mixture of basic primate features — namely, for example, it has a distinctly & basic chimp style head, spider-monkey style facial features, protruding primate face (which means missing nasal would be standard primate as well), distinctly primate head, infact more primate than the bulk of primates (NOTE: no forehead — as would be seen in humans, or any true “humanoid”. Homo Naledi is a VERY common monkey head, with less “forehead” than most primate variations, yet in their reCreation they put an ENORMOUS human style forehead ANYWAY. As if they BLATANTLY didn’t even care what the the creature looked like in reality)  & also fully primate jaw……. and the teeth within that jaw are primate teeth. 
Homo Naledi: The Basic Primate / Monkey Hand

 Homo Naledi — Foot 

The foot is only thing I can find in review which could even be considered unique among primates (which all primates have unique features from each other, that’s why we have species of primates) ……. On the foot, I would note for the record, that in review of Mr. Berger’s actual photos of the skeletal part — with regards to the foot — appears close, if not identical, to any chimp’s foot — along with a vast array of other types of primates, and standard primate foot forms (full breakdown & comparisons beneath)……. . However, I cannot tell whether the foot is naturally like it is in their layout, making it a unique feature to this species of primate. Or, if — just as in the apparent slant of Mr. Berger’s recreations — they moved the bones of the common primate “foot-ish thumb” (first toe) closer together — putting them all in a line — so that the foot could appear more humanish at a glance for press coverage <—– Which is where I lean to be frank.
The actual bones (irregardless of their layout on the presentation table) are in-fact fully primate foot bones (as can be clearly seen — and even compared — below) — with primate curvature, primate toes, primate toe lengths, and primate toe joints.  
 Homo Naledi: The Basic Primate / Monkey Foot

Regardless-the-case, whether natural to this primate species, or, whether you have a little more of Mr. Berger shining through on the table layout……. It really is irrelevant either way………

No matter which — the toes and bone configuration are primate common — as every other primate known to man. They are fully primate toes and feet. 

The toes are distinct primate toes, the lengths are distinct primate lengths, the large toe is DISTINCTLY primate in its length to the other primate toes, the actual toe joints are primate toes joints (bone for bone), the foot bone (connecting to the toes) is a distinctly primate bone configuration (nearly, if not completely, identical to chimp species compared above), and the primate ankle of Homo Naledi (connecting the foot bones to the leg) is also distinctly primate. This means EVERY bone of the foot — piece for piece is — primate. 
Note Also: Their table layout has the primate toes in a straight line, which is fine for a primate even if it were the case, but this is unlikely truly accurate (as a detail pertaining to the foot). You can see from the rest of the primate foot bone configuration of Homo Naledi that it is EXTREMELY probable there was some “spread” between the first primate toe which is shorter on Homo Naledi (as is standard in primates), and the other four primate toes which are longer on Homo Naledi (which is also standard in primates). Anyhow, just the basic nature of the primate foot bone configuration (which Homo Naledi has a primate foot bone configuration all the way) would — nearly certainly — put some degree of “spread” between the first toe and the second toe. A small oversight of their table layout perhaps (and one a primate anatomist should not have overlooked), but certainly not much of complaint in comparison to their caveman burial drawings, and recreation (shown beneath).

Homo Naledi: Bottom line & Closing

Bone for bone it is a primate……. A scatter of basic African monkey / ape bones all found in a cave system in Africa……. THEY ARE NOT MONKEY-MEN…… Congrats to Lee Berger…… Stop the press. Call the news…… He found a cave of dead monkeys in Africa……. And, it is also true that the Darwinism community (in reality) has been in desperation hour for a Lucy replacement for quite some time. 
See ya and have a great day………
 Lee Berger's Homo Naledi Recreation -- EPIC Planet of the Apes World in scope


Trey Smith
God bless every last one of you reading this article
Jurassic -- Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

Jurassic — Trey Smith | Bob Enyart

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